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Winter or Is It?


Frosty Morn mosaic

The weather here is unpredictable.   One morning there is a layer of frost on everything and the next is mild and rainy.  Today is gloomy and rainy.  I am supposed to be finishing up the Christmas tree but I keep wandering away from it.   I used another of Coffee Shop Rita’s templates for my mosaic today.  

I am joining our host Mary for Mosaic Monday.   Hope you are getting your holiday shopping done.   I will be out there this week.   Valerie


Pamela Gordon said…
Beautiful mosaic Valerie. I like your header. We had a hoar frost here this morning and I guess the rain is coming tomorrow. :( I love frosty mornings with my camera. I'll be posting later. Have a great week. Blessings, Pamela
Great mosaic Val. Love the new look on the blog. How is the tree decorating going?
Jenni said…
I love your going to get in to year! Love the frost rarely gets cold enough for frost here....although I remember as a child it was an almost daily event in Winter.
eileeninmd said…
I love the frosty photos. And I love your mosaic, the templates you used look great. We have had cold mornings and then it has been warming up, which is nice. I hope you have a great week!
The perfect December mosaic! You even have my favorite lavender color for the background! Happy Mosaic Monday! ♥
Vee said…
Wonderful frosty shots... It's not easy to focus on the tree sometimes.
Valerie, This mosaic is beautiful and has the feel of winter, but around here we aren't feeling winter yet.
Carol said…
Beautiful shots! Such a pretty time, I can just feel the chill in the air. Love the mosaic.
Audrey said…
Beautiful Mosaic! We have already had our first snow and lots of warm weather... all in one months time!New follower.
Kit said…
Lovely mosaic! The frost is great. Here in Montana we got a real snow last night and all is white and cold. Going down to 7 tonight. Kit
Ambika said…
Awesome awesome collage... the layer of frost makes it look magical!
Teagarden said…
Oh, I love this mosaic! And your new header too!
Have a wonderful week,
A very lovely mosaic...happy Monday, happy week~
Hi Val
I like your new festive header and the mosaic template.
Wonder if we'll have a green Christmas?
Leslie's Garden said…
Isn't frost just the prettiest thing! It's so fragile looking and beautiful! Your mosaic is really pretty!
Carol said…
Lovely frosty photos! Come back & visit, I'm having a give-away!
Pondside said…
Beautifully wintery! The mosaic almost makes me wish for a white Christmas.
Henrietta said…
Beautiful frosty pictures. The weather has been same in here also. Last night we got just a little snow and tomorrow it will be gone I suppose.
Georgianna said…
Hi Val! I love that first image – gorgeous! Our weather has been kind of the same – this week is frosty and foggy in the morning but sunny later on. No complaining about no rain, though!

Hope you are enjoying the preparations of the season and wishing you a very happy week. – g
Linneas Atelje said…
So beautiful mosaic, good choice of colors and images.
Linneas Atelje Photography

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