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Gardening in the Sandbox Year End


New Year Mosaic

Life in the Sandbox had some highs and lows this year.   We were excited last Christmas when our youngest became engaged to a lovely young lady and then tied the knot in a blissfully happy marriage in October of this year. She is easy to love and we do.

The Sandbox was asked to be on a garden tour in the early summer and so there was a flurry of activity to get the gardens just ship shape for our visitors.  We started a garden in a place that was just a catch-all and it turned out just spectacular.  We planted some red zinnias from Renee Seeds in California and they grew so well and performed so well in the garden that I will try more of her seeds this year.  The summer was just perfect this year for the garden with not too hot and dry temperatures.

I took an online Photography class with Bryan Peterson on Exposure and really learned quite a lot.  We had assignments each week that were critiqued by Brian and fellow teacher Chris so I really had to put the work into a decent photo.  The other classmates could also give us feedback.  It helped so much.   I stood beside a busy highway one Sunday panning cars for some great shots.   It was fun.  We did painting with our camera when we zoomed out and in while holding down the shutter button.   You get some colourful and wild shots.   I took my first HDR pictures too.  

This fall I received my ten year pin as a member of my Master Gardener group.

At the moment my husband is awaiting a test to see why he is unable to swallow. This has been getting progressively worse over the last few months.  His diet mainly consists of Boost or Ensure and sometimes some soup.  He has his test on Friday.  I am trying to be optimistic rather but he has has been feeling rather low. 

Hopefully 2012 will be good to us all.   Valerie

I am joining Mary for Mosaic Monday


Marydon said…
What lovely events in your life this past year. Congrats!, Valerie.

May the New Year bring many more joys & blessings.

Crafty Gardener said…
Hope your husband is able to get a reason for medical problem. All the best in 2012
Hello my friend, You had quite the year. I too enjoyed the photography classes. Hope all is well with hubby, my fingers and toes are crossed. hugs, Jen.
eileeninmd said…
What a great year you had, lots of great things happened for you and your family. I love your mosaic and photos. I wish you all the best in 2012. Happy New year!
GrandmaK said…
So very lovely with such vibrant colors!!! Wishing you the best this New Year!!! Cathy
Mary said…
What a beautiful set of images from your 2011. I hope that the doctors can accurately diagnose and treat your husband, and that he will be soon on the mend! Thanks so much for sharing your lovely images with us, Valerie. Wishing you much love and joy in the new year! xoxo
The colorful flowers add such a pretty touch to your mosaic! Happy New year! ♥
Chatelaine said…
Congrats on the garden tour and family wedding, highlights from last year I am sure.

Will keep a good thought for your husband.
Kim, USA said…
I love your mosaic! Happy New Year!

Great shots!
Happy New Year!
Busy year Val and I hope everything works out for Paul.
Carol said…
Gorgeous shots, such a beautiful year in pictures :) Hope all goes well for your husband!
Happy New Year.
What a beautiful mosaic Valerie! Wishing you and your family a very happy and healthy New Year!
Pondside said…
Beautiful shots and some lovely memories. I hope that the news from the tests will lead to some helpful treatment for your husband.
Jill Harrison said…
Valarie, you have had a full year, and I must say that the results of your photography course show - well done you! Congratulations also on being on the garden tour circuit!
I wish you and your husband well for 2012. I know that waiting for results of tests can be a traumatic time - and I hope that it is something that treatment will help quickly.
Thinking of your across the oceans.
And thankyou for stopping by my blog to say hi! I always enjoy stopping by yours.
Good thoughts for your husband and family. Lovely mosaic and Happy New Year~
podso said…
I love your year in photos ... you have stretched yourself in your photography and gardening this year it sounds like. I hope your husband has some clear answers today and that things will improve soon.

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