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As Green as Grass

grass with edge light pop grunge for web
The springtime is the only time you will see green grass in the Sandbox.  We have had plenty of rain the last week or so and the grass is green and growing.  I gave it a nice cut yesterday.  Hubby said it did not need mowing but when it was finished he said it looked much nicer.   Grass is one of those things you love or hate.   Some people want a thick green lawn and fertilize and water it every day.   I don’t care one way or another.  Some grass makes the flower beds look nicer but beyond a once a year fertilizer we just let it be.  In summer when it is hot the grass goes brown and that it okay.  In the fall when the rain falls more regularly the grass turns back to green again. 
I took this photo with the Lensbaby lens and then used a filter from Topaz Adjust 5 called light pop grunge to jazz it up. 
I am joining the Leap into Spring Photo Challenge at Live and Love Out Loud.  The theme today is grass/green.   Have a wonderful weekend.   Valerie


lisa. said…
I love this Valerie!
We've had to mow a few times so far this spring, even though it has been pretty cold. It sounds like it may start to warm up tomorrow. :-)
Lorrie said…
Our grass is brown in the summer, too. Water costs so much that we just let it go. But we're lucky to have green grass through the winter, except for a couple of weeks of snow. But that does mean more mowing, although it slows down and doesn't need it between about November and March.
I love the smell of freshly cut grass. The angle of your photo is so interesting - and I like the work you've done on it.
Heather said…
Grass has quickly become a bit on an enemy for me here in TBurg - it's so sandy and the lawn was neglected for years by the previous owners that it's full of weeds and crabgrass. And because we live in a pesticide free area, it's an organic struggle to get rid of them all. I'm content with letting the grass grow dormant in the summer too. I just want it to be grass and not other things. The rain last night will certainly help the cause with greening things up for now.
Catherine said…
Our grass looks nice and green too from all the rain. But I am still hoping for some sunshine.

Have a happy weekend Valerie!
xo Catherine
MG Atwood said…
Nice capture. Interesting perspective.
alicia said…
Very cool shot! Now I want a lensbaby. lol. And cool effect. I'm going to be sampling topaz soon. Glad to hear you like it. Thanks so much for linking to our Leap into Spring Challenge!
edenhills said…
I do love the way that shot turned out!
Amy said…
That is a cool shot! I love grass, well. . . I love to look at it. I don't much care for taking care of it. But it does make a yard look so pretty when it's thick and green and doesn't have any weeds. That's why I sit on my back porch and look at my neighbors yard so often. LOL!
Cool shot! I have a LensBaby and Topaz Labs plugins but haven't really done much with either of them. Thanks for encouraging me to give them a go!

Thanks so much for joining us in the Leap Into Spring Photo Challenge. I'm still playing catch-up and commenting on last week's entries. Forgive me for being late! If you haven't already entered our finale giveaway, don't forget to do so! Have a great day. :)

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