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Painterly for Photo Art Friday


chairs by the pond adjust painterly

Bonnie asked us to do a painterly photo for this week.  I took a photo of the chairs by our pond with my lensbaby lens and the added a filter from Topaz Adjust 5 called painterly.  It kind of makes my eyes go funny like you are in front of those funny mirrors.

I am joining Photo Art Friday at Pixel Dust Photo Art.   This is the first of July long weekend in Canada.  I heard on the news that all the Provincial Parks were all ready full.  Camping and fun with the kids is here.  Hubby and I will just sit down by the pond and pretend to be away.  Have a great weekend.




Neat picture Val. Looks like a great place to spend the weekend.
Lorrie said…
We're hanging around home this weekend. And it's a good thing, because it's rainy and cold. Not good camping weather at all. I just hope it clears up enough for a barbecue and going down to see the fireworks. Sigh. When will it be summer?
Bonnie said…
Looks like the perfect spot to sit and relax! The Topaz treatment has given your photo a lovely blurred vignette. Thanks for sharing with Photo Art Friday, Valerie.
Cherie said…
I'm wondering where you are in southern Ontario. We have a family cabin an hour from Fort Frances!
Deborah said…
beautiful spot and fun rendering!
Pondside said…
That shot did funny things to my balance!
We'll be sitting by our ponds and wishing we were in Ontario, closer to the grandchildren. We'll go down to the legislature in the afternoon to watch a friend play Taiko, and if it's not raining we'll stay for the fireworks. Still waiting for summer...
nice pic! good edit :)
Jeanne said…
Ah those Stay Cations. Very relaxing and you miss the crowds. This is an interesting effect with your lensbaby. i have looked at those lens. Do you like your lens baby. Not really familiar with how they do.
Heather said…
My eyes go wonky looking at it. But it's a cool effect. And what a restful place to sit on a warm summer evening. Happy Canada Day!
You have a lens baby? They are hard to find here in Canada, and many shops don't know what I am talking about, lol.

The shot does make me kind of feel wonky also, but it's a interesting perspective.

Love the colors.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams
Leovi said…
Yes, for a perfect relaxation.
Janet said…
I am suffering from lensbaby envy!! Nice photo and the patio by the have me thinking! Enjoy your faux camping...I remember having to book on April 1st for summer campsites in Ontario Provincial Parks!
Ida said…
Wonderful scenery and such an interesting effect. It does make your eyes feel a little weird.
Georgianna said…
Hi Val. Love this! So fun to see your Lensbaby photos.

Enjoy the long weekend. Hope you have lovely weather!

– g
Matkatar said…
Would be nice to sit there and drink some tee -perfect breakfast place in your "painting"!
momphotographer said…
it looks like such a peacefull place. beautiful photo!
Hi Val
Haha, I thought at first I couldn't focus my glasses.
Happy Canada Day!
Marilyn said…
Quite an interesting effect. I've heard about the lensbaby. I want to sit right down and have a glass of lemonade with you here.
kkkkaty said…
A different take on artist at work!!

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