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Clematis Open Garden

Donna McMaster Garden mosaic

One of the things I love about summer is the opportunity to look in gardens of inspirational growers.   I can’t say that about my garden.   I have a bad habit of buying just one of something to try it out.  I do not buy multiples like the gardening gurus tell you to do so that you have a large swath of colour.  It is a bad habit that I endeavour each year to break.

I had the pleasure of visiting a gal I have known for a while who gardens with purpose and she loves clematis.  I don’t think she has met one she did not like.   She grows many beautiful and different varieties; some from seed and some from various nurseries selling unusual specimens.   On several weekends every summer she opens her gardens for anyone to visit.   A couple of weekends ago I did that and I came away feeling somewhat dismayed at what I achieve here in the Sandbox but with a sense of wonder too at what is achievable.  

I have included just some of the delightful sights I saw that day.  Donna thank you for an inspiring visit.

 I am joining Mary for Mosaic Monday.   Have a great week.



She has a beautiful garden and we had a fabulous time. Hope the weekend was great!! Jen
Pamela Gordon said…
I like your mosaic of your friend's beautiful garden. Climatis are so pretty and I've seen some gardeners with several varieties in their yards. Have a great week!
Nice mosaic Val, I love Donna's gardens too - she knows how to cram many specimens into a small yard.
eileeninmd said…
Your friend's clematis is beautiful. I do the same thing buy one of two of one kind of plant expecting it to grow huge. I should plan better next year. Lovely mosaic and photos. Have a great week ahead.
eileeninmd said…
Your friend's clematis is beautiful. I do the same thing buy one of two of one kind of plant expecting it to grow huge. I should plan better next year. Lovely mosaic and photos. Have a great week ahead.
Lisa Gordon said…
I am smiling as I read this Valerie, because I do the same thing, and it's all based on what I want to photograph. So not only do I usually buy one of each thing, but I plant them far apart so that I can get in there with my camera!

This mosaic is beautiful.
Wishing you a wonderful beginning to your week!
Vee said…
I am just like you! I'd rather have something different than large swaths of color. I have been working at dividing the perennials so that I can have some points of color throughout the garden. Your friend has a beautiful clematis garden. I love that plant and can't seem to grow it.
Snap said…
Look at all those beautiful clematis! Your friend has a lovely garden.
I see every shade of purple and lavender in that one flower! Beautiful!
Kim, USA said…
I am also like that. I bought one or two but not many. Anyway, I try to start buying at least more than two per flower but do no have a place to plant. I have three lavenders and three roses and it is still in the pot, geez!! Thanks for sharing the clematis photo I have one that is almost to open. ^_^ Happy Monday.

Lorrie said…
I think we all have the tendency to buy a lot of different things. But I'm slowly learning that multiples of one kind of plant make a bigger impact. There are just so many beautiful plants out there, it's hard to choose.
Your friend has achieved a real harmony in her garden. Very inspirational.
Heather said…
Oh, I know how you feel about being dismayed. We recently attended the local Hort society tour - some of the gardens were so inspiring.
Catherine said…
I'm not a very good gardener but do like to try things. I just wish I had more time, more money, and more warm weather to do it! Oh those short summers....

Such pretty photos ~ love the metal kitty shot! :)

xo C
Pondside said…
They are beautiful, indeed. I think I need to try again to grow a clematis.
Ingmarie We said…
A very lovely mosaic! I like the clematis best.
Debra said…
I love clematis. Always have had at least one variety wherever I was living. Currently I have autumn clematis here ( there's a post somewhere on my blog about it...sad story / starting all over )

Had a neighbor who had some variety of clematis that was the largest and most spectacular that I've ever seen. She had it surrounding a garden gate. Her husband is military / they had to sell and move. The new owners tore up the clematis. I was astounded.I would have taken it. They are crazy, lol!

Love your collage! Beautiful!
Those sure are pretty. I had to smile...I will ses a flower at the market and the colour is what first draws me in and then I make sure it is shade to partially shade loving and I bring just one home, just to tuck in. Then I check on the poor things and they have died, just like that...I love to visit the charming gardens of others, for mine does not flourish~
I have one clematis vine in my garden. I can't imagine having a garden full of them! Your mosaic showed how beautiful they all are!
podso said…
We have never tried growing this but it sure would be a beautiful addition to our garden. Your mosaic is lovely!
Beautiful flowers, perfectly arranged!

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