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On a Rainy Afternoon


Coneflower mosaic

This afternoon it is raining cats and dogs in the Sandbox and I am loving it.  The Sandbox looks like a dustbowl because we have had weeks of little or no rain and parching hot weather. The air conditioner has been going non stop.  I have no lawn left.  I can’t tell if it is white grubs that got it or just the heat.  We may need to reseed in September when it cools off and we get more rain.  

In the mean time some of the flowers are doing really well and some are not.   Here are the ones that are blooming at the moment.  The echinaceas are beginning to bloom.  I have a few varieties.  The grey headed coneflower is new to the Sandbox.  I love how the petals come out from the bottom with a lovely little hat on top.  The purple coneflowers are winners every year.  I have some scarlet runner beans travelling up an obelisk and here is one of the pretty flowers.  The twelve spotted skimmer just sat there on a stem while I took his picture down by the pond.

I am using a mosaic template from the Coffeeshop blog and I used a texture from PixelDustPhotoArt called never seen before.

I am joining Mosaic Monday with our host Mary.  Have a great week everyone. 




Pondside said…
We are having rain rain and more rain here and every weed and flower is growing like crazy. The roses love the rain followed by sunshine, but I could do with a little more sunshine!
eileeninmd said…
Your flowers are gorgeous. Hopefully you will have some rain soon. Lovely mosaic and photos.
Pamela Gordon said…
I am glad you are getting some much needed rain. Your mosaic is very nicely done. Love that new coneflower. Beautiful shots! Enjoy the week. Pamela
Crafty Gardener said…
Wish we had rain our way, there was just a short sprinkle this morning. Please, please send it our way.
Isn't it good we have plants that survive this drought?
Beth said…
Hi Valerie, So glad you got a good rain! I like your flowers and coneflowers are a big hit in my garden too. Love them! Have a great week!
xo Beth
Hi Val, I was so happy to see the rain I went dancing in it, of course I was soaked. Just like the garden, yah!!! Gorgeous mosaic. hugs Jen.
They are all beautiful! I love seeing the coneflowers along some of the highways. We've had some nice little showers here in FL this summer! Everything is so green! Hugs!
Hi Val
You have some colourful blooms despite the drought. I was happy to see rain outside here today as well.
Janet said…
We also finally had rain today after weeks without!! I am still hoping my grass will turn green again, but I am afraid several of my flowers are gone for the summer...
Your shots are beautiful and I always love the way you organize them into a collage!
Vee said…
Whatever you did, it made for a lovely mosaic. So glad that you are getting rain. May it be gentle yet plentiful!
Heather said…
We had some welcome rain yesterday morning - not enough to get rid of the dustbowl totally, but a start. Your flowers look like they have survived the drought quite well. Love the gray coneflowers. Enjoy the rain, we're back to hot and humid again today.
Stephanie said…
Your mosaic is lovely. We got some much needed rain last night but my one lovely lawn looks like hay.
Hi Valerie, love your header. Those buggers do seem to like be photographed. The coneflower is one of my favorites but I don't have any this year. thanks for stopping by.
You always make such pretty mosaics! I hardly venture out of Picasa to make mine.

Your echinaceas look beautiful! My hydrangea is the only flower that did well in my garden this year -- our spring was too cool and wet and my flowers did not do well. Thankfully, however, my veggies are doing well.
Debra said…
Same weather here :(

A wee bit of rain on the weekend though not enough!
Riet said…
We have had rain for weeks I believe but all the flowers seem to do so well
Lorrie said…
Your mosaic is so pretty. Love all the pretty flowers. We've heard about the extreme heat you're experiencing and I hope you get a little more rain. Our lawn goes brown every summer but always comes back in the fall when the rains begin.
Jill Harrison said…
beautiful flowers. It is always lovely to see what is flowering in your sandbox. We are having a dry winter, and really appreciate it raining too!
Thanks for stopping by my blog to say hi, and have a wonderful week.
What a lovely mosaic of flowers. It's the opposite here in Scotland - it just nevers stops raining here! Echinacea's struggle with our rain and never do well - I can't even imagine anyone having scarlet runner beans in flower this year as we've had hardly any sunshine.

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