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Abstraction in yellow and blue

yellow and purple supertunias with pdpa texture

In the spring I purchased a flat of petunias at a new to me nursery close to my house.  I walked around for the longest time trying to decide what I wanted to put into the windowbox on the deck.  It gets very sunny and hot there and over the years I have tried different annual plants with mixed success.  There were the usuals colours and bicolours of petunias but these petunias caught my eye.  They were a soft yellow and deep burgundy colour and looked more robust than the usual ones.  I found out they cost more too.  When I couldn’t make up my mind I came back to these and then decided to take them and plant them with a burgundy leaf potatoe vine.  The planter has been very pretty all season with minimum upkeep.  The flowers have not gotten leggy at all.  They did not require excessive amounts of water.  I was very happy with the little extra money for a quality plant.

I added one of Bonnie’s textures called mauve threads to the photo.  I added it twice and played around with the blending modes and then added a gradient map adjustment.  It gave it the dark and mysterious look.


I am joining Bonnie for Photo Art Friday.  Have a great weekend.  Alas it is the last one for September 2012. 




Bonnie said…
Wow Valerie this is a beautiful piece. Rich, sensual and as you say, mysterious. I want to reach out and touch it! Mauve Threads is a fabulous texture - but only you and I seem to know that - so far! :)

Thanks for sharing your artwork with Photo Art Friday.
Pamela Gordon said…
Beautifully done Valerie. There are some pretty new varieties of petunias out there aren't there. I've tried 3 different ones the past 2 summers and they have been successful.
Wow, that is so colourful.
Lorrie Orr said…
The editing you've done to this photo makes it look very artsy! Well done.

Enjoy this last weekend of September!
libbyquilter said…
mysterious and rich with color. i like it~!!~

SueAnn Lommler said…
A wonderful photo!! Love your abstraction
eljaygee said…
what a very nice combo with the potato vine. Must have looked great and the hoverflies no doubt loved it too. Love the textured angle and dark tones in your abstraction
Heather Benton said…
Don't usually use petunias because they do tend to get leggy. Glad yours made it through the summer without having to have a Chelsea chop (like mine usually do). This sounds like a great combination with the potato vine.

Enjoy the last weekend of September. Hard to believe the gardening season is almost over. said…
Dark, mysterious and lovely.
Currie Silver said…
stunning piece and such a nice read, too. I am very good at growing weeds and I only "cut" them if they get leggy, so I could relate to your good fortune with these petunias.
Ida said…
First off I think your planter sounded gorgeous and am glad the new Petunia's worked well.

Your piece is wonderful, and yes "mysterious" - Great processing.
Ida said…
First off I think your planter sounded gorgeous and am glad the new Petunia's worked well.

Your piece is wonderful, and yes "mysterious" - Great processing.
The petunia has an eerie look to it Val, very pretty.
momphotographer said…
it seems to be so soft in touch if I could only reach and touch it. this picture makes me very curious about the texture of this flour! beautiful work!
Monica said…
Wonderful work! I love your processing!
The Artful Diva said…
mysterious and velvety!
linda said…
So dramatic and mysterious!
Pondside said…
That's the sort of shot that would make a great book cover - odd thought, but it just came to me!
Your planter sounds beautiful. My window boxes were not as successful this year - perhaps due to the cold, wet start we had to the season.
Lisa Gordon said…
Valerie, this is absolutely gorgeous.
That blue is amazing.
Brenda said…
WOW! Very stunning photo!

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