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As The Seasons Change

oAs the Seasons Change mosaic

The mornings are cooler now and there is quite a bit of dew on the ground.  In summer when I sat out on the deck at 6am having my coffee the birds were already busy and there was plenty of light but now it is dark at 6am and damp if you are not cozy in your housecoat and slippers. No more roaming around in my pjs taking pictures at the break of dawn .  I do like the intensity of some of the colours in the Sandbox flowers though. Miss Ruby Buddleia is at her peak and the morning glories are glorious in the morning.  I captured this snail on the front walk. He was probably headed for a juicy Hosta plant.

I have been making the trek to Peterborough, an hour and a half away to see my Dad of late.  He is 92 and is now showing signs of dementia.  We had just moved him to a nice retirement home after his house sold but he will not be able to stay there as they do not have the level of care needed for a person in his lack of awareness. It is a big worry at the moment.   As I am travelling the roads I see lovely views and I want to stop to take a picture but I am usually rushing there or rushing back. It won’t be long before I will see lots of colour in the trees out that way.

I am planning on joining Mary for Mosaic Monday.  Last week I posted in my blog but had to run as Dad had fallen and I never got to post to the meme. 


Have a great week.




Hi Val
I love the colour of Miss Ruby and the changing colors of the season.
My parental worries are long gone but I know you will have many decisions to make with your dad.
eileeninmd said…
The butterfly bush is beautiful, I love the color. I am sorry about your Dad. I went thru the same thing with my Dad and it is hard. I wish you and your Dad all the best furing these times. Take care, I enjoyed your post and mosaic.
Hi Val,
Your photos are lovely. Sorry about your Dad! I am in the midst of troubles with my mother and she is an hour and a half away. It is a terrible burden made even harder by a family member who doesn't play fair. Take care and have a lovely week.

What a wonderful mosaic Val. Even though my parents are not longer with me I do remember the worry of looking after them. hugs, Jen
Vee said…
That morning glory! Wow.
Your description of the changes in the season are making me nod in agreement. And I note with a tinge of sadness the current season with your dad. Having been through some of this, you have my utmost sympathies and I pray that you will find just the right care situation for him where he'll be happy and well looked after. It's not easy...
Bernie H said…
Lovely images as your seasons change. The snail has such an attractive looking shell. What a shame they're such annoying creatures. Loved Miss Ruby, and the Morning Glory. I do hope you find a lovely place for your Dad soon. Take care on those drives.
I hope things work out with your Dad. I know what a challenge that can be. I love your photos...especially the snail. We see a shell similar to that from the ocean!
Jann Olson said…
My husbands mother suffered from Dimentia for quite some time before her passing. It is hard to see such wonderful people go through this hard thing. I pray for blessings for you and your father. Your mosaic is gorgeous! I too have loved my Morning Glories lately. They seem to thrive with these cooler temps. Look forward to seeing some of those colorful leaves!
Beth said…
Hi Valerie, Beautiful images. So sorry about your dad. I said a prayer for you tonight and wish you the ability to persevere and not be stressed, and for the best for you, your dad, and all concerned.
Pamela Gordon said…
Beautiful mosaic! Yes, it definitly is dark at 6 and 7 too! I don't like it. I'm sorry to hear about your Dad and hope he makes the transition to a different facility okay. I know it's a difficult time for you as I've been through it twice myself. Blessings! Pam
podso said…
Wonderful photos and I love your header. I hope you find something for your dad that is just what he needs. Its a challenging time in life, caring for our parents.
Heather said…
September mornings are always one of my favorite times. And your photos show it off beautifully.

It's so worrisome when our parents start to need us more, especially when they're at a distance. Good luck finding a good place for him. In the meantime, enjoy that drive - there are truly some wonderful spots on Hyw 115 to enjoy along the way.
Your photos are lovely. So sorry about your dad.
Glenda/MidSouth said…
Very Pretty !!
Hope you can get your Father settled in the right place soon.
Thanks for stopping by and nice comment.
Lorrie Orr said…
Beautiful photos. I hope you do stop to take photos sometimes, as you drive. But I know it can be difficult.

We have not yet had to worry about our parents, but I know that those days may come. I hope that you find a good situation for your father.
Kim, USA said…
I agree with you. I do not feel warm at night anymore. The night is cooler and so loving it. Great mosaic photos thanks for sharing.

Jill Harrison said…
What you are saying about your Dad is very similar to what we are going through with my husbands' mother at the moment. She seems to be going down hill in her mind very quickly this year - such a worry - especially as she is about 2 hours away from us. Remember to be kind to yourself - it will all work out how it should.
I went to a photography workshop on the weekend and he said, even if you are in a hurry to go somewhere and you see a photo that says take me - you should stop and take the photo - there is a reason it is calling out to you.
Linking up with you through Mosaic Monday. Have a wonderful week.
The Artful Diva said…
Hard to believe summer is almost over!
Lisa Gordon said…
These images are truly so beautiful, Valerie and so perfect for the season.

I am sorry to hear about your Dad. I know how this feels, and it is never easy. I wish you the very best.

Icy BC said…
Beautiful mosaic, and love that purple morning glory!
Oh, I do hope that your Dad is OK, bless his heart!!! The mosaic is so beautiful!!!
Karen said…
Valerie, my heart goes out to you dealing with your father. My mother is 92 also, and I'm seeing some signs that worry me. It is so difficult to know the 'right' thing to do. My father had senile dementia for about three years before he passed and I know how difficult it can be to live with. There were some bright times in there though too, a personality I had never seen before came through, a softening which was heart-warming.

There is never an easy answer, but you have taken such good care of him so far. He is blessed to have you as his daughter.

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