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In Search of Light


carnation mosaic with logo for blog

I have been reading a book by Nicole S. Young who has written many books on various topics but her specialty is photographing food. She indicates in her book that a good place to photograph food is in a north window.  My living room window faces due north so today I took a store bought bouquet of peachy carnations and tried some of my lenses on them.   I love carnations for their ridges and edges and the fact that they last a little while. I used the nifty fifty 50mm prime lens, the lensbaby composer and a 70mm macro. 

I am joining Mosaic Monday with host Mary.  Have a great week.



eileeninmd said…
I love the pink carnations and the lighting! Well done! Beautiful mosaic! Have a happy week ahead!
Ingmarie We said…
Such lovely carnations! Have a nice week.
ellen b. said…
Now to figure out which windows in my house are North facing! :)
Lovely mosaic...
Snap said…
I love carnations -- such a pretty flower and they usually smell good too! :D :D
Hi Al
Interesting tidbit about a north window. Give me carnations any day, they last a couple of weeks in a vase.
I love carnations! And these are just beautiful -- wonderful color. Interesting info about North windows!
Riet said…
these are gorgeous and I love the color
Carnations are such hardy flowers and they come in some marvellous colours. Yours are lovely with great composition in the shots.
Mary said…
Oh so beautiful! THe light is gorgeous. Backlighting is always wonderful for food, and it works quite well on flowers, too. I love the shot of the single flower on the tray! xoxo
Pondside said…
I'm always happy when I receive a bouquet of carnations - the spicy perfume (not every time, but sometimes) and the vivid colours. I like your pinks.
What a gorgeous shade of pink. I take all of my photos in my has windows on 3 sides and we have so much sunshine here in Florida that it is always bright in here. You photos are always beautiful!
Hello Valerie

Thank you for visiting me and leaving your nice comment!

Your mosaic is exquisite just like those luscious frilly carnations.
I dream of the day I might get a good camera....
Meantime I struggle along with my little digital Panasonic Lumix!
Lovely to meet you.
Shane ♥

Jill Harrison said…
It seems we both have a post about light this week. I am curious though, it must depend on whether you live in the northern or southern hemisphere whether the north facing or the south facing window is the best. I find all my windows are different during different times of the day. So I am often "chasing the light". Beautiful carnations - I had them in my wedding bouquet - many years ago!
Have wonderful week.
Lorrie said…
I had a photographer tell me once to keep my back to the window for the best lighting. A north window seems to give beautiful light to your photos. Don't painters love north light as well.?
Carnations are such feminine flowers, and I love the darker edges on your ruffles.
podso said…
I also love carnations and especially little ones, They do last and have such a vibrant color. You're doing well with your photography.
That's a great tip, Valerie. And the funny thing is that I usually photograph food shots on my kitchen counter which is under the north facing window. Glad to see I'm on the right track with something photo-wise.
What beautiful Carnations and love the pastel colours of pink~
Denise said…
Hi Valerie,

This is a lovely mosaic. You have definitely captured a pretty light in your north-facing window. I love the pink carnations with their ruffled edges; your pictures make me want to get some for our house. :)

Thanks so much for visiting me from Mosaic Monday, and I hope you have a great week!

Denise at Forest Manor
Icy BC said…
Beautiful mosaic of such beautiful flowers!
Lisa Gordon said…
A really beautiful mosaic, Valerie, and I just love the colors of those flowers.

Never heard of photographing in a north window, and looking forward to giving it a try.

Thank you for sharing!
Miss Kodee said…
I have been trying to work with light this winter too indoors - it's a challenge! Love the soft pink here - and really love the idea you just gave me to go get some flowers to cheer up my world. The 50mm stays on my camera most of the winter - such a great low light lens!
Georgianna said…
Hi Val,

That's right about the north facing window. Painter's studios are supposed to have that light, too.

I love the shots you got and am partial to the Lensbaby treatment - so romantic!

Hope you have a wonderful week.

Georgianna said…
Hi Val,

That's right about the north facing window. Painters are supposed to use that light, too.

I love the images you took – especially the Lensbaby treatment – so romantic!

Hope you have a wonderful week.

Jeanne said…
Great lighting with your nifty fifty, and the flowers are lovely. Oh, and by the way, I am your newest follower. For goodness sake, thought I already did forever ago.

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