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In the Round



Last Saturday I attended one of the largest garden Shows in North America.  Canada Blooms is an event I look forward to at the end of each winter, as despite what the weather is outside, it is always blooming inside with garden upon garden of flowers, shrubs and trees all forced into bloom for a two week period.   I was attracted to this plexiglass design in one of the garden pools. 


In another garden was a set of three balls to give some landscape interest to the front garden. It may not be for everyone but it is an idea. 


Just to add my own stamp on the whole round theme I thought I would participate  at Photo Art Friday with Bonnie who wanted us to try a selfie this week.  I inserted my headshot into the garden ball and added a Pixel Dust Photo Art texture called Rose Dust.  Hope the designer doesn’t mind a little artistic license. 

I am joining Mary for Thursday’s Inspirations where the theme is round.

We have been snowy periods to the opening of spring but I did see a chipmunk at one of the feeders yesterday so the season must be here.



You created an interesting piece of garden art.
I love the first shot, so neat. Great idea putting yourself in the globe, hope you are not trapped within:)
Jan said…
I play at Photo Art Friday, too. Seems we've the same interests in photo challenges!
The ROUND entries you posted are great...especially your face in the globes!
Have a great week
I didn't see that pond decor but it's pretty and I like how you put yourself into one of the round globes.
Vee said…
What fun! :D
EXQUISITE photos!!!
The pexiglas is splendid!!!
Visiting from Mary's Thursday Inspirations!
podso said…

great ideas for "in the round" and the last one is so clever. I didn't see you at first. nice work!
Pondside said…
Clever you, to get into the round like that! I like your take on the theme.
Bonnie said…
Great photos and editing Valerie. Looks like you are preparing to hatch! ;)
You're so right about the's been so cold here today. Great choice for round.
LOL! That was very clever of you to change the garden globes to reflect your photo -- great job editing that!
Great way to sneak in some photo art, Valerie.

We woke up to another dusting of snow this morning - every day this week!!! No chipmunks here yet. We need spring!!
Currie Silver said…
good fun and well done!! sending some sunshine and blooms up to you.
Linda Kittmer said…
I love the way you snuck into that landscape! Great fun. I went to Canada Bloom years ago and loved it. I'll have to try to get back sometime.
Karen said…
I love the round shapes in the garden. I haven't attended any garden shows lately, but I do love to for all the ideas. Great idea to put your photo in there, too!
Ida said…
Fun edit = You look marvelous inside that ball. The Garden show sounds like fun.
NatureFootstep said…
nice to see you there in the garden decorations. :)
Naturegirl said…
I missed Canada Blooms so I enjoy these photos you post!
Nice editing in one of the balls!
Happy Easter!
Lisa Gordon said…
What a fun place to be with a camera!

I especially love the first photograph.

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