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My First Book



I watched several videos with Scott Kelby talking about the fact that on the way home in the plane from any of his trips he makes a book of his best photos and has it printed.   He explains in detail how he does it in his Lightroom 4 book that is now in pieces because I have used it so often.   I decided to do my own book using the template in the Lightroom program from Blurb to make my first book about my garden in 2012.   It took me a few weeks of choosing the photos and then editing and resizing them and deciding what photo would go on any page etc.  but finally I had it the way I wanted it and then just sent it to Blurb for printing.  In about three weeks I had my first published book in my hands.  I was very happy with the quality of the book that I will do another one soon.  


To me a book is a necessity.   I have several of them on the go at any one time.  I may be reading a novel but I have gardening mags and photography books piled up to look at daily.  At the moment I just finished Tottering in my Garden that was loaned to me by one of the ladies in my horticulture group.   It was based in and around the Toronto area so I could relate. The other is one that I quickly picked from the new books at the library to occupy me while I visit my husband in hospital.   The cup is a favourite coffee mug.   I have added two textures from Bonnie’s Pixel Dust Photo Art collection: Sibelle and Dropcloth. 

I am joining Mary for Thursday Inspiration where the theme this week is book/s and Bonnie for PhotoArtFriday where she encourages us to let our inner artist out every week.   I hope that you are having a great week.   We are still anxiously awaiting the birth of our first granddaughter who seems reluctant to enter into this cold weather.  Can you blame her! Mommy is quite anxious as are the rest of the family.  



Lori E said…
That is awesome. Good for you. I gave away a printed blog book on my blog some time ago. Not of my blog but of the winners blog. It was a good giveaway.
Impressive Val, making your first book. I've toyed with the idea so will want to see yours next week when we meet please.
A nice textured photo of some of your favourite books and mug.
Congrats on your book. It is something I've thought about doing but just never got around to it.
I love books, just went to the library this morning, and recently more and more gardening books are coming off the shelf.
Lorrie said…
I've done two books now - both about sailing. What fun to see your own words and photos in print!
The books you showed in your photo look interesting - especially Tottering in my Garden. I'll look for that one.
Hope the little one arrives soon and safely. Waiting can get so tiresome.
podso said…
I love making books this way ... my DIL does a big one for each year of photos. I am currently working on my Africa photos for a book. And, I've done a book of my blog each year and been so happy that I have it in a hard copy -- I guess in case future generations dig it out of a closet someday and find it amusing!
momphotographer said…
it must be very rewarding to hold a book that you've created so pationatelly !
Pamela Gordon said…
Valerie, this is something I'd love to do as well. Along with a calendar for family. I must get really serious about it this year.
Bernideen said…
That is wonderful that you can keep it and refresh your memory!
Wonderful...I would love to see a bit more of it...hint, hint.

Well done Valerie - making your book!!

Very beautiful images and I lo0ve the one with your coffee mug.
Waiting for news of your granddaughters arrival - so special!
lovely to meet you in my neck of the woods again - merci my friend for popping in.
Sending you some summer sunbeams from my corner of the world!
Shane ♥

sunflowerkat321 said…
Congratulations on completing your book. I'm sure it will bring you lifelong joy.
How exciting to publish your own photos into a book!
That newly arriving Granddaughter will cherish those photos for many years to come!
I adore the reading materials stacked with the coffee mug!!!
Thank you for sharing the methods of your photos and your talents with us!
What a fabulous idea!!! Think I'm going to go back and look at 2012 - month by month - and make a book of my garden. I love it!!

Thank you for sharing this.
Currie Silver said…
such a lovely post and inspiring, too!! I love the letting our inner artist out...

I have made books and calendars, and this week I started a book only to learn that my friend who I was DOing it for, had her birthday yesterday.

so I quickly took 5 photos I'd "finished" and made them into a slideshow for her birthday.

it was harder than I think it needed to BE to share it, and I am NOT sure anyone else got to see it, but she did.

it is grand to participate here each week; and what it inspires in each of us never ceases to amaze me!!

I would LOVE to see your book.

Ida said…
Congrats on your book. It looks wonderful. Loved your PAF piece with it's subtle but lovely edit.
Mary said…
Oh, that's so wonderful, Valerie! I know that you will enjoy reading about your beautiful garden during the long cold winters. :)

Thanks so much for contributing to Thursday's Inspiration. xoxo
The Artful Diva said…
The blurb books are great - I've made a few too!
Vee said…
Oh such exciting times for your family as you wait for a little granddaughter.

Love the idea of your having your own photos made up into a book. It must be a wonderful feeling.
Lisa Gordon said…
Valerie, this is wonderful!!
Congratulations on your first book.

Have a fantastic weekend!
Pondside said…
Congratulations on the book! I know it must be beautiful.
Have you read The Moreville Hours by Katherine Swift? I highly recommend it for a garden-lover.
Rosie Nixon said…
Oh that's wonderful - I've never done a book of my garden photography but have been prompted recently by someone on facebook to do one.
Congratulations on your first book. It's wonderful to capture all of your photographs in one beautiful book.

Several years ago I used Blurb to publish several small books for friends. Now that I have Lightroom 4, I have to look into making another one.

Is your book for sale?


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