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Morning Light for Mosaic Monday

I must admit that I have not felt much like blogging lately.  My energies have been mostly in cleaning up and planting the gardens that took such a beating last year.  Our lawn is coming along but it probably a good part weeds but I cut it with the lawn mower and it looks green.   This morning I wandered out and captured the morning light shining on the coreopsis and the geranium blooms.  The pink is the flower of the milk weed which I allow to grow in select spots as it is site for the Monarch butterfly to lay its eggs.  The fragrance is amazing too.  The peonies in a vase were a rescue from the Japanese beetles that seem to be on everything this year.We had our front walk reconstructed this year.  It was a mess of weeds and overgrown plants and breaking up wood and bricks.  We splurged and had a professional do it and wow are we pleased.  The walk will be so much easier for my husband to get out of the house as he still uses a walker.  Pictures were taken with my iPhone.I am joining…

A Morning at Wildflower Farm

I am taking a macro class at the moment.  We had a field day Saturday to capture macro shots of bugs, flowers and water droplets.  Our morning began at the Wildflower Farm outside of Orillia Ontario with instructions to have fun but make sure you get macros of a bug in focus for the assignment this week.    I can tell you that I did not accomplish that task.  I took lots of pictures but I did not get one in focus so I will be attempting that in my own garden this week.   I think I got a passable picture of the water droplet but I had lots of help with that.I have quite a lot of pictures to edit but wanted to show you a sampling of them.  The flowers are a native plant called Baptisia ‘tinctoria’  or False Indigo that comes in a beautiful blue-purple colour.   I grow it in my own garden with a yellow variety too.  Of course I loved other things at the farm like the inviting chair and the upturned pot amid the plantings.  I will be joining Mary for Mosaic Monday.  Come on over and visit…

Mt. Albert Sports Day on the Horticultural Side

. Yesterday was Sports Day in Mt. Albert, an annual fair day the first weekend in June.  There are rides and baseball games, games and prizes, a petting zoo, lots of good food and on the Horticultural end there is the baking contest and the flower show.  Our Horticulture Society helps out in the main community centre where the baking contest and the flower show are held.   In the hall you will find beautiful flowers from community members gardens and arrangements of flowers that will be judged and given ribbons.  Money is allotted the winners.  Here I gave you a sample of the things on display.  The kids get involved with flower arrangements with a specific theme and decorated cupcakes.  They were very imaginative.  There was a lot of  good conversation over the plant tables The two crust pie was a bumbleberry pie and baked by moi.   I got a first prize.  A great day all round. I am joining Mary for Mosaic Monday.  I hope you have a great week.