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Late July in the Garden

Can you believe it is the end of July already.   It makes me unhappy to see the summer go so quickly.   I am a fair season girl and do not like the cold or those celebrations that you are supposed to be excited about in the cold weather.   I like summer sitting on the deck with a book or maybe digging the odd piece of grass out of the flowerbed or maybe chasing the bunny for the inth time as he eats all my flowers.    Sorry, feeling gloomy today.    Hope you are enjoying the summer and the weekend.   I am joining Mary for Mosaic Monday.

Muskets, Drums and Secret Trails

The Historical Society of East Gwillimbury, had an event in Anchor Park in Holland Landing commemorating the War of 1812-1814 and celebrating 200 years of peace between the nations of Canada and the United States.The days events had a Re-enactment of a skirmish complete with colourful costumes, a mock encampment and relics of use in that period of time.  Here you can see the performers getting ready.  You can see the uniforms of both sides of the battle.The Town Crier announces the events and the Sargeant of Arms announces the order of the battle with lots of anecdotes of the times, colours of the uniforms, the drill and life in camp.  All very interesting.It was explained to us that in most skirmishes there were a very small group of men on either of the sides as there were not many people here at that time in history.  It is an amazing thought with populations of today and the size of armies these days.  The muskets went off with a big bang and we had casualties on both sides but th…

Shasta Daisy

It was raining here all morning and now the sun is shining.  We have been having a rather wet summer this year and the mosquitoes have been particularly ferocious in the back garden.   You need to spray yourself to just wander about.  The Shasta Daisy is blooming now and I have been attempting to photograph them and swat away the bugs at the same time.  It is a sight to see.  tI shared this photo on  Google + this week and if you did not see it I wanted to show you this magnificent sight.  It is a Catalpa tree in full bloom and it has these beautiful blooms with an almost gloxinia look to them.  The tree is massive and certainly could not be used in a small property but as a specimen tree it was fabulous. I am joining Mary for Mosaic Monday.   Have a wonderful week.

Happy Canada Day

Happy Canada Day.   Hope everyone is enjoying this lovely day and cherishing the freedoms that we have.