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Shasta Daisy


Daisy mosaic

It was raining here all morning and now the sun is shining.  We have been having a rather wet summer this year and the mosquitoes have been particularly ferocious in the back garden.   You need to spray yourself to just wander about.  The Shasta Daisy is blooming now and I have been attempting to photograph them and swat away the bugs at the same time.  It is a sight to see. 

tCatalpa Tree diptch

I shared this photo on  Google + this week and if you did not see it I wanted to show you this magnificent sight.  It is a Catalpa tree in full bloom and it has these beautiful blooms with an almost gloxinia look to them.  The tree is massive and certainly could not be used in a small property but as a specimen tree it was fabulous.

I am joining Mary for Mosaic Monday.   Have a wonderful week.




eileeninmd said…
I love the daisies, they are one of my favorites. The tree is gorgeous with all the blossoms. Lovely photos, have a happy week!
The shasta daisies are pretty Val, and the town flower for Innisfil. I've noticed there are fields full of them this year and such a gorgeous sight.
We have a catalpa tree at the arboretum, I should check it for blooms some time. The one you've shared is lovely.
Vee said…
That is a gorgeous tree all blossomed out that way. I had to remind myself where you live because it sounded as if we could be neighbors...not that far away!
I love Shasta daisies! I used to have a big bed of them in NC and they took over. They were gorgeous when they all bloomed! Enjoy your afternoon!
"Don't you think daises are the friendliest flower" ! I love that line from "You've Got Mail". I need to plant more friendly daises at my home. Beautiful pictures. I am your newest follower and am visiting from Mosaic Monday. Have a wonderful day and I hope your get a chance to visit me at Still Woods Farmhouse. I posted my first ever mosaic/collage today!
Blessings from Still Woods Farmhouse
Count me in as a fan of daisies as well. I like how you took your shots from different perspectives. As for the tree, it must be magnificent!

Kathy said…
Hi dropping by from Mosaic Monday, I know what you mean about wet. The sun hasn't shined any this weekend. I love your garden it looks divine. Enjoy your week. Kathy
ellen b. said…
What a wonderful tree so full of blooms! Love it. Have a great week!
Lorrie said…
As was said by Meg Ryan's character in You've Got Mail, "Daisies are the friendliest flowers." I can just imagine the swatting going on as you took photos.
The catalpa tree is a gorgeous sight. I don't think I've ever seen such blooms.
Art and Sand said…
I am a daisy lover too. I carried daisies at my wedding.
Pondside said…
No mosquitoes to speak of here - one of the Island's best-kept secrets - but lots and lots of daisies! They are so cheery!
You are so right about the mosquitoes. Every time I step outside, I'm bitten alive. But it's worth for all the rain we've had to feed our gardens.

There are so many catalpa trees in our area and they are all in their glory right now. There is a farmhouse not far from here the have 19 surrounding the perimeter of their yard - it's stunning.
Lisa Gordon said…
What a beautiful daisy, Valerie. Ours are just about history now, but there are still a few left in bloom. We've not had mosquito issues, but we've had an overabundance of wasps. Nasty little creatures, they are!

Love this tree. It looks mammoth.

Happy day to you!
Mama Zen said…
That tree is amazing!
Wow -- what a gorgeous tree and daisies always make me smile.
Jill Harrison said…
I love your images of the daisy - especially the one in the bottom right, the side view - lovely.
You can keep the mosquitoes - we sometimes have a problem with them too.
Have a wonderful week and thank you for stopping by my blog yesterday.
All Seasons said…
What a wonderful tree, I love the flowers!

I send you sunny greetings from the Netherlands!

Oh we are both thinking daisies....lo..

There were giant Catalpa trees across the street from our old lovely.

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Poppy said…
Hi Valerie,

Your photos of my beloved daisy are lovely. I really think they are the modest stars of a garden, a breezy field of white and yellow or simply, a pretty pot.

Lori E said…
There were Shasta Daisy plants in our yard when we bought the house 30 years ago and they are still blooming every year. Tough plant.
I have seen Catalpa trees pruned like you would a weeping birch, in that umbrella shape. They lined a driveway and were just beautiful even when not in bloom. I have never seen the blooms up close though. Wow.

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