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Another Pretty Porch

Here is another porch I spotted but I did add artistic license with the colours.   It was colourful but I just enhanced it just a bit.  We are starting the last long weekend of the summer and then the children go back to school again.  The next long weekend will be Thanksgiving.   How fast time flies.   I know I am moaning again.

I’m Just a Snoop

I can’t resist stopping to take a photo when I see something that interests me.  Old houses with porches are always interesting and this one caught my eye with the use of  painted brick and round windows.  The planter of white and purple petunias just seemed to set it off so nice.

Tall Yellow Coneflowers

I set out to join Susannah Conway for her annual August Break Challenge in which we were to post a photo but we need not have words attached if we wanted a break from blogging.   I really can’t say that I had been blogging all that much for a long while but I did want to see if I could post a photo each day and so far I have missed only one day in this month.  I actually enjoyed the challenge.   I don’t know what I will do next month but I would like to challenge myself to get back to blogging more often.Here are more of my yellow coneflowers.  This group are 7feet tall.

Tiger Lily

I took the Tiger Lily with my iPhone and edited it with Snapseed app. Using my iPad to post this morning for a change.

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Purple Morning Glory

I can’t believe that this is the last week of August 2013.  Where did the summer go?  It went so fast.   I heard on the news that the stores were not just selling items for the kids to stock up on for the first day of school but also there were Halloween items coming in and the dreaded C word.    I am not ready.  Can I have another round of summer please.

MacKenzie Marsh Collage

One day last week my husband and I took a little walk in the MacKenzie Marsh, a special wetland in the town of Aurora near us.   I had heard members of my camera club talk about the birds they found there but I had not had the opportunity to visit.   Hubby surprised me by asking to stop by and have a look at it.  He is still using a walker to get around but is becoming a little more stable on his feet.  This was a big feat for him. We managed to get only to the little bridge at the bottom of the hill but in the almost dried up pond we saw some ducks, a killdeer and a preening blue heron. Hopefully we will be able to visit again.

As Far As the Eye Can See–Joe Pye

On a sunny summer afternoon my husband and I went out for a drive and we stopped at a spot that he had been to in the past to fish.  For as far as the eye could see was a patch of Joe Pye Weed.   Such a pretty sight.

A Pot of Pretty Flowers for Day 24 August Break

I spotted this pretty urn of flowers on someone’s lawn while out on a walk one day.  It just took my fancy and I took the picture.

A Reminder of Days Gone Bye

I spotted this old buckboard one day as my husband and I were out for a spin.  It was on someone’s lawn.  I quickly pulled the car over and ran over to take the picture.

At the Top of the Arbor for Day 22 of the August Break

I had noticed the other morning that one of the pink clematis had bloomed but it did not bloom at the bottom but just at the top of the arbor where it got the most sun.  I added a texture to bring out the pink a bit.

Blue Glass Ball for Day 21 The August Break

Blue Glass Ball in the Garden

Shades of Purple and Gold for Day 20 August Break

The Garden seems to have purple and gold as the dominate colours at this moment. Here is phlox with sunflowers.I used a texture from Kim Klassen called Traverse.

Sunflower Crown

I thought this rim of leaves on the edge of the sunflower looked like a crown of sorts.   I have to amuse myself somehow.

A New Little Boy for the Pond

TThere is a little story behind the purchase of this little boy solar light.  The other day my husband wanted me to drive him to the hardware store in Bradford, Ontario.  This is a little town quite close to us but to get to it you have to wait on the highway in a long line up of cars because there is construction to the bridge going in and out of town.   This trip should take us ten minutes but now takes a half hour.  When we got to the hardware store they did not have the type of glue that he wanted and it had to be a specific type of glue.    While he was off looking for this glue I wandered through the gift section.  They have an awesome gift section.  This little fellow was under a table and I just fell in love with him.   He was solar but he had a frog and a flashlight.   So cute and so perfect for the pond.   My husband was not so taken with him and I left the store without him.    Off we went back home again.  Hubby called the hardware store because their catalogue said they c…

Garden Helper Day 17 The August Break

Everyone needs a little help now and then

Purple Annual for Day 16 August Break

The flower pots are quite sad now at the end of the summer but this little purple annual is struggling on.

Light on the Deck of a Morning in August

The yucca in its flowerpot beckoned me out with the camera this morning.   It took this one with the soft optic filter in the Lensbaby.