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A New Little Boy for the Pond



Tlittle solar boy mosaic


There is a little story behind the purchase of this little boy solar light.  The other day my husband wanted me to drive him to the hardware store in Bradford, Ontario.  This is a little town quite close to us but to get to it you have to wait on the highway in a long line up of cars because there is construction to the bridge going in and out of town.   This trip should take us ten minutes but now takes a half hour. 

When we got to the hardware store they did not have the type of glue that he wanted and it had to be a specific type of glue.    While he was off looking for this glue I wandered through the gift section.  They have an awesome gift section.  This little fellow was under a table and I just fell in love with him.   He was solar but he had a frog and a flashlight.   So cute and so perfect for the pond.   My husband was not so taken with him and I left the store without him.    Off we went back home again. 


Hubby called the hardware store because their catalogue said they carried this specific glue and they said they would order it.   A few days go by and the store called to say it was in and he could pick it up.   Into the car on a Saturday afternoon and we wait and wait on the highway in the heat while a pile of cars crowd into one lane over the bridge.  To top it off Bradford was having Carrotfest a big outdoor event because Bradford is in the Holland Marsh where a big part of the production of carrots is grown in the black soil there.  There was ciaos everywhere and we just wanted a bottle of glue for heavens sake. 

While my husband was getting his special glue I went to get the little boy and this time I took him home.  That’s my story and I’m stickin to it. 


I am joining Mary for Mosaic Monday and also Day 18 of the August Break.   Have a great week.


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eileeninmd said…
The little boy and frog statue is a cute addition to your pond. The Carrotfest sounds interesting. Have a happy week ahead!
Aw-w-w he is a little cuties Valerie and will be a wonderful addition to the garden by the pond.
Lisa Gordon said…
He's really cute, Valerie.
I'm glad you brought him home with you!!
Good for you! I would have done the same deserved something special! And a little boy with a toad frog? It doesn't get any cuter than that! Hugs!
He was waiting for you to come back and get him Val. Our HH has a nice gift section too and I've bought a few things from them.
Betty Luckhurst said…
He's adorable! No wonder you like him so much. I'm sure he and his frog will be happy by your pond.
Jill Harrison said…
sometimes things are just meant to happen. He is lovely. And I can imagine he is a whimsical addition to your garden.
Have a great week.
Bet your husband didn't realize that a simple tube of glue was going to involve "adopting" a new member of the family. lol
How wonderful to have such a whimsical feature for your pond!!
Lorrie said…
Funny how something can tug at your heart. Your new addition will look just fine in your garden, and you have a great story to tell about it, too.
Ida said…
Well he certainly is cute and I can see why you got him.

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