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This Snowy Sunday Morning

I might as well face it, that this scene is going to be replayed over and over for the next five months.  I’m not a fan of winter even though at times it can be pretty as a postcard.   I had to haul the hats, boots, mittens and warm coat out of storage to go out and shovel the drive way.   I tried to get the snow blower to go but no luck so had to do it by hand.   Uck!!!   Our son will have to come by tomorrow to see what I wasn’t doing correctly.The snow that fell all night was the soft and fluffy type so everything in the garden wore a little tuft of white. Poor St. Francis had his whole head covered up.I will be joining Mary for Mosaic Monday.  Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.Valerie

Just Chillin

I was talking to my daughter in law on the phone this morning and catching up on the latest antics of our 8 month old granddaughter.  She refuses to have a nap.  I was casually looking out the back door to the deck at the snow that was coming down quite heavy in big flakes. There on the chairs that have not been put away yet sat these two doves all puffed up and enjoying themselves out of the direct snow fall.  They didn’t move when I went to get the camera.We got a good snow fall but it will probably disappear over the next few days.  The news talked about all the accidents that occurred because people do not drive for the conditions of the road.  Take care people.

Lest We Forget

My Dad is in hospital at present with a bad infection and will miss the ceremony at the Nursing Home for Remembrance Day.    Today we remember my Dad and all the other veterans who served this country and kept us safe.

Autumn Reds in the Sandbox

Hoping I am not repeating my self with these photo but I have not taken any new ones lately.   It has been weeks of rain here.  It is so dreary that I could find the energy to go out with the camera. I am joining Mary at Dear Little Red House for Mosaic Monday.   Hope you have a great week.