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This Snowy Sunday Morning


One Snowy Morning collage

I might as well face it, that this scene is going to be replayed over and over for the next five months.  I’m not a fan of winter even though at times it can be pretty as a postcard.   I had to haul the hats, boots, mittens and warm coat out of storage to go out and shovel the drive way.   I tried to get the snow blower to go but no luck so had to do it by hand.   Uck!!!   Our son will have to come by tomorrow to see what I wasn’t doing correctly.

The snow that fell all night was the soft and fluffy type so everything in the garden wore a little tuft of white. Poor St. Francis had his whole head covered up.

I will be joining Mary for Mosaic Monday.  Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.




Yup, the long haul of winter begins for us. ;-) I do see some sunshine in your one photo and it's nice outside right now.
I'm glad we didn't have to travel back from North Bay yesterday, it was heavy snow squalls and bad roads.
Hope your sun can get the snowblower going Val.
Lisa Gordon said…
We had snow too, but just a little bit.
It is horribly cold here though. :-(
As always, I love your mosaics, Valerie.
This one would make a wonderful holiday greeting card!
It was a winter wonderland this morning, even with all the shovelling that needed to be done. The garden looks lovely covered in its' blanket of white.
eileeninmd said…
The snow does look pretty as a postcard. I love your wreath, it is lovely with the snow. I am not a winter person and I am not looking forward to snow. Can you keep it there? Have a happy week!
Oh my, you certainly did get a lot of snow. Not a flake here but I know it will be coming soon. I agree that the snow makes beautiful scenes for us to photograph.
Mary said…
We had a few flurries here last night, but nothing stuck. But oh LORD, was it ever windy and COLD today! I'm with you, Val -- winter is not my favorite season. ;) xoxo
Linda said…
Oh, it is too early for snow!!! I know I have to face it sooner or later. I have had my fingers and toes crossed that it will be later. Your photos are lovely.
Linda at Beautiful Ideas
Jill Harrison said…
you day was completely different to mine here in sunny Australia - I spent the day in the garden. But I do love seeing snowy images this time of year. Stay warm and have a wonderful week.
Cathy Keller said…
Wow!!! How beautiful!!!! Have a wonderful week!
Lorrie said…
It is pretty, but it lasts waaaay too long in lots of the country. Here, we just hope we get some for a week or so.
Karen said…
We got heaps of snow too! It's so pretty!
Our photos said…
Beautiful are your snow photos!
Greetings from Holland.

Hello Valerie
Such a beautiful mosaic - I love snow images.

I wish we had it in winter - you will think I'm quite mad - the shovelling doesn't sound much fun though!
Yes indeed - poor Saint Francis - I'm sure he survived!
Ida said…
I hear you on the shoveling of snow...not a fun task at all.

I will say that you did capture some lovely photos of your snowfall.
Ha ha bless you, we have some mixed sleet and light snow falling as I write. Lovely mosaic~
Brenda said…
Ah, Winter Wonderland! I love your pictures of the snow and chuckled a little bit about your Saint in the garden. The only good thing about living in the South during winter is not having to shovel snow. But to be honest, sometimes I really miss it. I loved walking and playing in it and making Snowmen! OK, and sleigh riding! But now that I am older, I'm glad we don't get snow...:)
Have a very Happy Thanksgiving!
Down Memory La La Lane
Karen said…
Oh, boy, I hear you. The snow is headed our way and I'm truly not looking forward to it. I do love your pictures though, and I hope you get your snowblower working before the next blizzard.
I'm so with you in this one, I don't like winter either. First it's beautiful but watching only white and greys for 5 months it is boring, I need colors:) We haven't had snow here in souther Finland which is little surprising but it will come.

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