Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christmas Baby


cup with pomegranate

My husband celebrates his birthday today.   I am sure his parents thought he was a perfect Christmas gift.  I asked him today if he remembers anything special about his birthdays as a kid and he said he liked that his mom put money in his cake.

Despite the snowy drive this morning yesterday I drove up to the nursing home where my dad resides to deliver his Christmas gift and and also one for a another resident.  You pick a tag off the tree in the lobby that has a suggestion for a gift.  I picked one for a lady who wanted perfume and body wash.

Have my last Photoshop class tonight if the weather holds.  We had a rather wild ride home last week as it snowed buckets while we were in class and then had to follow four snowplows abreast across 4 lanes of highway for quite a few kilometers before they went in another direction and we carried on home. 



Pamela Gordon said...

I love this edit in your photo. Be careful on the roads. I can't imagine driving behind 4 snowplows abreast on the highway. Scary! That is sweet to pick up a gift for a nursing home resident. So many are alone with no one to give a gift to them. Blessings. When I was little we had wax paper wrapped money in our birthday cakes. Finding a quarter was a great treat! :)

Lorrie said...

Happy Birthday to your hubby. One of my cousins is celebrating today, and a friend.
Enjoy your class and stay safe on those roads.

Lisa Gordon said...

This is a really neat edit, Valerie. Love the vibrant color.

Happy Birthday to your hubby!