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Images from a Winter’s Walk


winter walk

I know many of you are experiencing some terrible winter storms.  The news has been showing us all the mishaps that have been going on on the roads.  Our news has been full of horrendous fires of people’s home and even a Nursing Home in Quebec.  It makes me sad.

This week I looked back at some photos taken in winter in other years.  I found these images from a walk in Scanlon Creek, a Conservation Area near here, from back in 2012. The snow did not seem so deep.

I am joining Mary for Mosaic Monday.  Keep comfy and warm this week.



Lisa Gordon said…
This is wonderful, Valerie.
Lots of fires in this area too, and it is so sad. Most of them are involving those who cannot afford heat, and are trying to use fireplaces/wood stoves, etc. We've not had much snow, but the cold has been really tough this year.
podso said…
They have fire "warnings" out here due to the extreme dry air and wind. So sorry to hear of all the fires there. I enjoyed your mosaic!
We've seen a clip on tv here about the fires Valerie - very sad...

Stunning photos from 2012.
Those last delicate leaves from Autumn still hanging on to the branches make - a beautiful mosaic.
eileeninmd said…
The weather has been awful. And the fires are down right scary. I often think of our fireplace and chimney. Your mosaic is pretty, lovely winter scenes. Enjoy your week ahead!
It's been a terrible winter for so many. I love your pretty photos and mosaic. Sweet hugs!
Poppy said…
Hi Valerie,

The news about the Quebec nursing home was devastating, as well as some reports I happened to see online regarding road accidents and pile ups. Surprisingly, I heard that for southern Ontario, the temps are 'normal' for this time of year, and supposedly, we have forgotten this fact due to the uncharacteristically warm winters in recent years.

Lovely, peaceful mosaic of a beautiful winter scene.

Have a lovely week,

Karen said…
Valerie, I agree, this winter has been very tragic for many people. The fires have been devastating and the accidents are many. We're gearing up for the next cold snap, going to be -20F for a high temperature the next few days. I love your photos, they are wonderful.
I remember that day :) And we thought that winter was terrible, but compared to to this, a piece of cake. xo
Jeanne said…
Hope that you also stay safe and warm. The photos here are beautiful in such a winter way. Don't know about you, but I am ready for spring, and it is not really that bad here in Texas.
Lorrie said…
The care home fire in Quebec is so tragic and the photos of all the ice on the structure are sobering. This has been a tough winter for many. Lovely photos of winters past help us all to remember that life goes on.
Pamela Gordon said…
I love the muted colours in your mosaic. It's very pretty. I think we all have more snow this winter don't you? There have been terrible house and business fires here too but the one in Quebec is so so sad with so many lives lost.
Rajesh said…
Wonderful winter shots.
I've never been to Scanlon in the winter - nice collage of what you found there.
OH such beautiful treasure, gorgeous entry!!!
Ida said…
These have some lovely tones, especially the green ferns. Here it's been a rather (snow-less) winter but I am still looking forward to sunshine and spring.
Naturegirl said…
A nice composition Valerie. Stay warm. Here I pass the time with daily walks in the woods. Have been away from blogging but back now. I pad taking up most of my time.
Have a Sterling Day!

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