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Who Invited These Guys?

I looked out the window yesterday just in time to see a flock of pidgeons circling the feeder.  There was not much in it at the time but they devoured what was there.  Last year I had my husband put those bars up on the birdfeeder because they became such pests.  No other birds could use the feeder because the pidgeons would swoop in and wouldn't leave until they emptied the sunflower seeds.  We eventually stopped putting seed in the feeder at all.  We had not seen them since until yesterday.   For more camera critters visit

The Significance of the Shamrock

On March 17 of each year all of us who's Grandparents came over from Ireland celebrate with the wearing of the green.  It made me think of the shamrock and what its significance might be.  I brought home a packet of shamrock seeds from Ireland a couple of years back and grew them.  I did not find a four leaved one in the bunch.  

I even dried some in the pages of our guide to Ireland. Apparently, according to the website of I found out that the shamrock dates from 1571 and was worn as a badge to be worn on the lapel on the Saint"s feastday.  The shamrock was used as an emblem by the Irish volunteers in the era of Grattan's parliament in the 1770's before 98 and the Act of Union.  So rebellious did the wearing of the shamrock eventually appear, that in Queen Victoria's time Irish regiments were forbidden to display it. Other facts:  the the shamrock symbolises the Trinity to Christians as one God but three Persons being God the Father, the Son and the Hol…

Floral Design Mosiac

Saturday was Get A Jump on Spring at the Toronto Botanical Gardens.  This is an annual event put on by District 5 of the Ontario Horticulture Society and the TBG.  My friends Jennifer and Judith and I heard some good presentations looked at the marketplace and visited with people we knew and did not know.  My mosiac is showing some of the winners from the Floral Design Competition.  The two at the top were floral designs in a purse and the bottom two were hats.  Colourful for sure.  More mosiacs can be found at Mary's

Webster's Falls in Winter

This is a photo of Webster Falls on the Spencer Gorge near Hamilton, Ontario taken last week. For more photos Straight out of the Camera visit

Snowy Owl

Last Sunday afternoon my husband and I took a drive. We knew where one of these beautiful birds had been spotted a couple weeks earlier. It was a bitter, blowy day and we spotted this one up on an aerial. My husband took the photo, hand held, out the window of the truck. It did not seem to be bothered with us taking its picture. It did eventually fly away and we came away happy. For more Camera Critters go to for more interesting photos.

Anybody for sledding?

This photo was taken on the weekend. It looked like the perfect hill for a toboggon run. For more sepia scenes visit

Flowers in February

Here it is the middle of February already.  How time flies.  Garden Bloggers Bloom Day has rolled around again.  My mosiac shows the new orchid that my husband bought me for Valentine's Day.  He even brought me a bouquet of tulips today too.  Our Christmas Cactus has put out a few more flowers.   More blooms and mosiacs can be found at and Have a great day.

Macy's Wonderful Organ on Straight out of the Camera Sunday

A couple of years ago on a trip to Philadelphia my husband took this photo of the Wanamaker Grand Court Organ in Macy's Center City at 13th and Market Street.  It is the World's largest operational pipe organ.  It was massive.  My husband and I listened to the organist play for quite a while.  It was amazing I came out of the store having bought nothing.   Please join Murrieta 365 for Straight out of the Camera Sunday at

Go Canada

It is opening day of the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.  I have my red mittens ready.  Let's Go Canada!!!   Go for the Gold!

Winter Shadows

Sunny, cold winter days provide a good opportunity for getting photos with shadows.  See more mosiacs for Mosiac Monday at Mary's

I thought this photo was interesting with the snow on top of the finished flower heads. It almost looks like marshmallows. Must be hungry!! For more photos visit for Straight out of the Camera Sunday.

A Young Family

This photo is of a family of Canada Geese taken in the spring. For more Sepia Scenes join

Goodbye my Dear Friend

Goodbye my dear friend Shirley who passed away on Feburary 2, 2010.  She had been diagnosed with Cervical Cancer two years ago.  Despite chemo and radiation treatments the tumors did not disappear and grew back each time.  I will miss her so much.  For the past 26 years of our friendship I  thank Shirley for all the wonderful things I have experienced and learned from her.  She made me look outside the box and experience things that I would not do on my own.  She was a super shopper.  She knew where the best stores were and dragged me in there when I know I couldn't afford even a pair of socks in there.  Why on earth do I really need a Coach purse I say?  Because it's  a "Coach" she would say.   I have one now.  We went to the city every six weeks for years to have our hair cut by a very good hair stylist and it cost us the earth but we complimented each other all day on how good we looked.  For ten + years Shirley and I joined the Mann sisters on an annual trek to B…