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No Labour Day for the Animals for Mosiac Monday

Labour Day mosiac

It came to me last weekend as we were relaxing in the backyard and enjoying the last long weekend of the summer that our little wildlife friends were madly searching for food in their usual way.  The hummingbirds were dipping and diving and squeaking all afternoon.  If one came to the feeder another one would swoop down and they would fly away into the trees. The squirrels and chipmunks were busy collecting seed.  The birds were at the bridfeeders.  There is no labour day for the critters.  They must work to survive every day. 

Join Mary at DearLittleRedHouse for Mosiac Monday.   Have a great gardening week.  Valerie


Hi Val, What a wonderful mosaic of all the wildlife in the yard. Fabulous pictures. Take care and have a great week. Jen
Hi Val
Cool mosaic. I'm afraid I don't feel too friendly towards the 4 legged critters that thieve the seeds meant for the birds. Our chippies are relentless in emptying the sunflower feeder.
Mary Lou said…
Beautiful reminder of our precious friends.
Vee said…
What a handsome mosaic for these very handsome woodland creatures. It so perfectly complements the little chipmunk. I have a thing for chipmunks.
Mary said…
Love to watch all the creatures scurrying & feeding, especially the is endless :-)
Snap said…
Beautiful mosaic of your feathered, winged and furry friends. Looks like they are getting ready for the change of seasons.
Carletta said…
You have a wonderful garden of friends!
My husband and I took a drive just this afternoon through a neighborhood we had considered moving to when we bought our current home. We marveled at how lucky we were to be right where we are with all the wildlife that surrounds us.
GrandmaK said…
Well done! I especially like your picture of the squirrel. Have a grand day! Cathy
Jackie said…
I too am not a great lover of squirrels as they eat the bird food and my bulbs!! What is the beautiful bird top left of the mosaic please?

Have a good week, Jackie in UK.
Sue said…
Hi Valerie, Thanks for stopping by for a visit from Mary's. I like what you did with the graphics of your mosaic- specifically what looks like a stack of pages. Really unique. Are you using a specific program? I just learned how to do them very recently and am combining both Photoscape and Picnik together to achieve some different looks. Your photos are so good. Love the ones of the squirrel and the bird on the branch.
:-) Sue
Dishesdone said…
Great shots! You have a lot going on in your yard, they are busy little creatures!
ellen b. said…
I'm really enjoying this sweet mosaic!! :0)
Rajesh said…
Very beautiful mosaic with birds and animals. Love it.
Georgianna said…
It's so true. They don't seem to get to relax at all, especially the hummers. I hope it's a good winter for your little friends. And wishing you a great week ahead. – g
Ann Nichols said…
Beautiful collage. And yes, no labor day for the animals! But you know... they actually don't mind laboring... I think they've got it right!
I enjoyed seeing all the little visitors that come your way! Cardinals are among my favorites.

Sorry I am late in visiting for Mosaic Monday, but betwen bad weather and attending a wake and funeral for a friend's father, I have not been online much this week

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