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A September Morn for Fertilizer Friday

We had a lovely rain last night.  We really needed it as the last week has been record breaking temperatures for southern Ontario.  The plants were just drooped out there in the Sandbox.  With our sandy soil the moisture disappears from the roots really quickly leaving the plants gasping.  I took my morning walk around with coffee and camera in hand.  I found Daylily 'Many Happy Returns'  blooming away.
Sedum 'Autumn Joy' is just coming into bloom now.  This is its season to shine.  I thought this one was especially attractive with one of many morning glorys that reseed them selves all over the garden.
I really love my grasses.   As grasses tolerate less than stellar soil and don't mind the heat but love the sun I have quite a few.  Some are summer bloomers like Calmagratis 'Karl Foerster' but this one the Miscanthus 'Summer Solstice' is a fall bloomer.  The plumes are huge and a beautiful colour of pink.  
Miscanthus 'Summer Solstice' is a very tall plant at about 7ft (US) or 2.13meters (Int) tall.  It is really a specimen plant in the garden.   This plant gives a bit of height as the backyard year is basically flat.   So, I call it an architectural plant to give some highs to the flower bed of otherwise shorter plants.  

Thanks to those who commented on my blunder last week of loosing my photos on the blog.  I found out by digging around on the net that Picassa Web Albums was storing my photos used on this blog.  I did not give it permission to do that.   I had been using the feature of draft in blogger as it made it easier to upload photos.  I did not know, and maybe I should have, that picassa had the power to cache those photos.   Anyway,  I now do not have picassa in my computer at all now.   I rarely used it to edit my pictures.   I have photoshop elements 7 and one day I will become proficiant at using it and my preferred photo edit softway of Photoscape that I use 99 percent of the time.

Look for other September blooms at Tootsie Time for Fertilizer Friday.   Happy Gardening.  Valerie


Karen said…
Hello Valerie, the picture of 'Autumn Joy' sedum with the morning glory bloom is fantastic! I also love the miscanthus, I'm going to have to see if it would grow here in WI in our sandy soil. Very pretty.

We had some rain last night too, and our temps went from near 90 down to 65 for a high. Feels like fall today.

I know what you mean about pictures; I didn't know I had a Picasa album either. Photoscape is a wonderful program too. You definitely are proficient at photography!
Autumn Belle said…
The blooms are really beautiful and the grass flower lovely.
Hi, Love the sedum with the lone morning glory. The photos are great. I had Picassa in the computer at one time along with Photoshopt Elements 7, but my computer is tooo old to run both, so had to download the Piccass and now I am glad I did. Take care and I hope you have a fantastic weekend.
Rosey said…
I like that combo of the morning glory with the sedum. I wish my morning glory would have the chance to re-seed but they always freeze. Darn.
EG Wow said…
Your garden is looking great!
Crafty Gardener said…
Fall is creeping into the garden isn't it? My Autumn Joy is blushing with colour. It looks like it will be a cooler weekend. We had a brief thunder shower that already passed through late this afternoon, and now we are under thunder storm watch for the evening.
Enjoy the long weekend.
Alison said…
Love that Miscanthus! I'll have to see if I can find that one, I like the pinkish seedheads. I didn't realize till recently when I saw one at a nursery, that the seedheads are soft and fluffy.

That 'Many Happy Returns' is quite pretty too!
Beautiful photos and you are doing fine editing.

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