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Close Up After The Rain

We has a good downpour today so I took the camera out after to see what was looking good for a close up.  My white zinnias that I have grown from seed are just showing signs of blooming.  I like seedheads and buds as much as I like the flowe bloom.   There is a lot of detail in a macro shot of an emerging bloom.  Look at the edge of the sepals with the dark colouration. Then the petals emerge and the stamens are just a white fluff inside.  
This photo shows the bud looking similar to SpiderMan with the dark edges on the sepals hugging the bud tightly.
Just as I was walking on the deck I noticed on the edge of the licorise vine a dragonfly.  I identified him as a red-veined meadowhawk or sympetrum madidum.  I could be wrong as he is not supposed to be here but he sure looks like the picture so I will go out on a limb.

I am posting to Macro Saturday and Camera Critters.   Have a great long weekend.  Valerie


Heather said…
Fantastic macros! Doesn't the garden smell so fresh after the rain? Have a great weekend!
Magnificent! Like you I really enjoy seed heads and especially bulbs and buds sometime even more than the full bloom flower. These shots are wonderful.
Karen said…
Excellent photos! I like flowers in bud more than in full bloom, too, I guess because it's like a gift waiting to be opened, if that makes any sense. What a pretty dragonfly, too.
I agree the buds and seed heads are just as wonderful as the flower to photograph. Fantastic job. I cannot say yea or nay to the name of your dragonfly, just that it is a yea shot. Have a wonderful long weekend.
Kramer said…
Seems like rain is a central theme this week.Beautiful close-ups.
Very lovely photos! The middle photo of the bud is intense with dramatic colour contrast! Beautiful!
Priscilla said…
I'm new to your blog. Beautiful garden and great macro shot, love it!
Your dragon fly is a superb catch. I sure would not argue about the species and love your photos.
Eds said…
Great Photos! I haven't seen a red dragonfly before. :)

Btw, my entry is here:
Beauty of Nature
Misty Dawn said…
That dragonfly is gorgeous! That's one I've never seen before.
bfarr said…
I like progressing from beginning to end. They always make for an interesting series of shots.

The dragonfly is a beaut, regardless of whether you named him correctly. I have become a serious flower, bug, butterfly researcher since I've begun blogging.
DoanLegacy said…
Beautiful macros of the zinnia buds, and fantastic dragonfly!
Dianne said…
the dragonfly is amazing
I love its long red body
Valerie: I can't wait to see your white zinnias when they are open. Although, these photos are beauties. Zinnias are just about my favorite flower. So many colors, long blooming season, and hardy. Just what I need.

My photo of zinnias was one of my most-commented-on of the summer. Look (if you have time!!)
Slugyard said…
Probably a White-faced Meadowhawk. Red-veined has, well, red veins in its wings. Your photo is very good- when I click on it I can see the white face.

Dragonflies can be very hard to identify- I often ask for help!
Sharon Lovejoy said…
I love your photographs, but I especially love the red meadowhawk. I've taken a few dragonfly classes, but there are SO MANY (thank goodness) and I really have to examine them to be sure.

I love it that you are humble too. Are you attending GWA in Texas? I just can't this time and I will miss the friends I've made through GWA.

All joys,

Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island.
leavesnbloom said…
Those are beautiful blooms along with that great pose from the dragon fly.
I'm not comfortable enough with species identification to say what kind of dragonfly--it's so hard to do without having seen them in person first. But I will say this: that is a beautiful photograph of him! Capturing dragonflies with the camera is such a challenge, and you accomplished it superbly!
Flower Town said…
I never thought a zinnia would look like spiderman at its youth...LOL. Great photo!
Jama said…
The bud is as beautiful as the fully bloomed flower, I love it!
Willard said…
Wonderful macro photographs!
Brad Myers said…
And since I do not know bugs very well I will take your word on it. Great macros and thanks for visiting my blog.

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