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Pretty in Pink


This week as we in southern Ontario were bracing for a winter storm my friend Jen of A Garden of Threads decided to pack up our photography gear and head down to Toronto to Allan Gardens. We just needed to see what was growing in the greenhouses and take pictures of flowers.   Unfortunately, it was between seasons in the greenhouses.  The Christmas plantings were gone and the bulbs were just popping up in the beds.   We did manage to find a few blooms despite the lack of sunlight.


The Abutilon x hybridum or Flowering Maple is a houseplant in these parts.  It can be placed outside in the summer months to grace a deck or patio.   This plant is a tropical shrub or small three that if carefully looked after should continuously bloom. The crepe paperlike flowers come in colours of red, yellow, pink, orange or peach.   This one was a lovely shade of pink.  I loved the veining in the petals.  The leaves of the plant resemble the maple leaves of the deciduous tree.  The white variegated leaved variety of the plant is best grown just for foliage as it rarely blooms….so says the Miracle-Gro Complete Guide to Houseplants.   Care of the Abutilon plant requires regular attention to watering, feeding and pruning as it  is fast growing. The mature height is 1-5 feet (.30cm to 1.5m) tall and 1-3 feet (.30cm to .90cm) wide.  It does take up a bit of room. Water to keep it evenly moist but allow it to dry slightly between watering.  Give it a acid food fertilizer every two weeks to keep in peak condition.  The plant blooms best when pot bound.   Aphids, spider mites , mealybugs and whiteflies are its main pest problem.

Today I think I will share the Abutilon with Laura at BloggingfromBolivia for Macro Friday and Tootsie for Fertilizer Friday.   Hope you have finished shovelling out from this weeks storm.    Have a great weekend.  Valerie


Lori E said…
My mother in law can grow anything and keep it looking fabulous.
Her abutalon had orange flowers and it bloomed a lot. Inside, outside it was so happy all the time and it was full sized.
Don't even get me started on her 2 story tall philodenderon.
Raymonde said…
What a beauty and a sign of hope that Spring is on the way. xxx
Hi Valerie. I have never grown Abutilon. I my have to try them one day. I love the flowers from what I have seen from other gardeners beds. What a magical image of the bud starting to unfurl.
Beth said…
That is a lovely bloom! All I see out my window is WHITE! lol Can't wait for spring.
Blessings, Beth
Ashley Sisk said…
That is absolutely gorgeous.
Darla said…
Love the Aubilton, mine is orange and outside year round. I'd much rather have the pink.
Karen said…
The abutilon is so lovely, I have never grown one, either. The pink version is a real jewel.
Nice macro shot Val.
Courtney said…
Beautiful! Love the color and detail. Very nice!
Sonia said…
Wow how pretty..I've never seen one before..thanks for sharing..the flowers look like a rose of sharon bloom!

Miss Bloomers
Anne Fannie said…
Beautiful picture of a pretty bloom!
Donna said…
stunning the contrast and that pink!!
***Icy BC said…
Beautiful capture, and great information on the Abutilon!
Hello :)
What a WONDERFUL Blog :)
Hugs from Håkan ( The Roseman)
Our winter has been very snow filled. Luckily we have Longwood Gardens close by when I get a hankering to take some floral photos. Here's hoping spring comes early this year!
Anonymous said…
I love the detail in this.. perfectly captured :)
Tootsie said…
oh wow! I love these! I just cannot wait for spring to finally come to Alberta...winter seems to last forever!
thanks for linking in this week with some hope that spring will come!
Anonymous said…
So beautiful. Love the pink.

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