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A Valentine Bouquet

Yesterday I was out in the back yard replenishing the bird feeders.   The temperature was 9 degrees Celsius which to us in southern Ontario is a heat wave at this moment in time.   The snow was up to the top of my rubber boots yet.  The little boy sculpture that sits in one of the flower beds just seemed to be saying “hey get me out of here”.    We are going to have another day of these temperatures and then head back down to the minuses again.   At least you can feel the warmth in the sun and the birds are busy and vocal.   All good signs of spring around the corner.
My husband gave me a lovely bouquet of mixed flowers for Valentine’s day.   It was filled with lots of colour and fragrance and brightened up the living room that faces north.   I spend a good amount of time taking pictures of all the components for future photos.
I took a macro of the lily for Macro Friday at Laura’s at BloggingfromBolivia.   I am also joining Tootsie at TootsieTime for Fertilizer Friday.   Have a great weekend.   Valerie 


Darla said…
That little boy needs a jacket on! Your husband did real good with this bouquet. Love your macro!
Susan said…
Oh my, those flowers are GORGEOUS.

Love the macro too.

Have a great day♥
What a wonderful hubby, it is a stunning bouquet, love all the colours and textures. I am going to enjoy this lovely weather today, before the freeze on Saturday. Take care.
Courtney said…
Oh, your macro shot is gorgeous! Very pretty!
Beautiful flowers! Amazing macro!
Karin van D. said…
I love lillies, they are so beautiful. Great shot!
Olga said…
What a cute sculpture. And the bouquet is gorgeous!
Beautiful bouquet Val, lucky girl!
I've been outside too and it is going to be so hard going back to freezing temperatures.
Lesa said…
That is a terrific macro!

And I do feel sorry for the little statue-- poor thing. OMG-- 5 months!! The last 2 weeks Ok had 3 back to back winter storms with 4 ft snow drifts and temps up to -24F at night-- very unusual and I wondered how folks in Northern climates survive months of it. Ya'll must be very hardy.

when do you get to start your garden? I know I can't wait!
Ashley Sisk said…
Beautiful flowers - the first shot is really neat too!
leavesnbloom said…
Up to your wellie boots still! wow - no wonder some of my family move abroad to escape the canadian winters.

I think that bouquet is so pretty. Thanks for the advice on the dress - the prices here are just ridiculous aswell - what's the point for one day? I'd rather put the money towards a new camera LOL

Love how the first 2 photos are such a contrast to one another- one so winter & the other so spring. Lovely
Carolyn said…
That is a beautiful bouquet! Nice to have a touch of spring. We had a couple of nice days but the garden is well covered with snow- a good 3 ft. over most at least.
Have a great weekend,
What a gorgeous bouquet. Love your macro. What a really great shot.
I love your header.
Mandy said…
Beautiful flowers and the little boy statue is darling!
Your sandbox looks great - and that bouquet is just gorgeous!
✿✿Icy BC said…
I like that little boy sculpture, and what a beautiful bouquet of flowers!
HI Valerie. What a wonderful Valentine bouquet.Just a beautiful combination that will last for a while too. Your macro shot is fantastic!
Looks like your Canada Blooms showing will be soon. Are you counting down? LOL!
Have a wonderful weekend.
Donna said…
beautiful flowers and love the macro's to spring which is coming soon...hurry up please!!
Tootsie said…
I am so sorry to have missed last week...but I am here ...tardy but here....thanks for linking in this post...I hope you will link in again soon!

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