Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Winter View for Touch Up Tuesday


snow on fence 1



When you try a recipe out for the first time do you follow it to the letter?  If I am baking a cake or cookies I follow the recipe just as the cookbook says and then the next time I will add some different kind of fruits or chocolate bits to it for my own tastes.   I am doing the same in this big world of photography that I am learning.   I really enjoy the tutorials posted about editing photos and am learning so much about programs that I did not have a clue about running several months ago. I am kind of like a kid in the candy store.  I want to try them all.    My touch up today was an edit I learned through the Skinny Mini Course given by Kim Klassen  Cafe some months ago.   I am getting braver about adding my own blending and opacity modes but the recipe is basically hers.

Duplicate the layer

Do a levels adjustment, a hue and saturation and a photo filter adjustment to my own satisfaction

Add a texture:  This one was Celebrate by Kim Klassen. Blending mode Multiply

Add same texture layer  and blending mode softlight

Add same texture layer and blending mode screen

Went back and adjusted opacity in the layers to my own taste.   In soft light layer I added a layer mask and using a soft brush brushed out some of the texture on the snow, fence and sky.

I dragged the duplicate layer of the background to the top of the stack and added soft light at opacity 47%.

Flattened the image and used unsharp mask.   Save.

The edit gives a whole different look to the original.  

I am joining Chelsey at Paper Heart Camera for Touch up Tuesday.   See you there.   Valerie


Anika said...

I LOVE that Skinny Mini class! This image is so pretty...that's a ton of snow! I like the extra light and the sepia-ish tones, very pretty.

Ashley Sisk said...

Oh wow - I love what you've done here. Doesn't even look like the same image.

Kristy said...

I love how this turned out. Kim is a jewel!

Rachel~Wildflower Photography and a little bit vintage said...

Lovely! Thanks for visiting me and leaving a comment. :)

Lavender Cottage said...

Hi Val
Your changes certainly make the image look different.
Nice winter scene.

Kathleen said...

LOVE this! You did a great job! I'm so tired of seeing snow, but this is just beautiful!

Thanks for visiting Treasured Chapters! :)