Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Green Tea for Touch Up Tuesday


I am thinking green this week in honour of St. Patrick’s Day.   I took a photo of my cup of green tea in a green cup and saucer and then played around with some textures.















Straight out of the Camera

Green tea texturized














I need to brand my edits into my memory.   I always fail to write down what exactly I do and always remember I am to do that after I have flattened it.   The photo was put through Grant’s actions for a custom white balance.   Then I do the layers adjustment for levels, saturation and brightness.   Then I added a texture layer twice.   I used Kim Klassen texture paper stained light because it had a green cast.  I used multiply at 56% and then Overlay at 47%.   I then dragged a copy of the background up to the top and desaturated it a bit with a adjustment layer.    Have no idea what I am doing but I keep playing till I like it.   It is finally flattened and saved.

Green tea florabella Irish texture














I then remembered that I downloaded a lovely texture from Florabella this week from her facebook page that had shamrocks on it.   I added it right over the edited version at opacity of 57% and added a little Irish saying.   That is it.   

three tea pics






I am joining Touch Up Tuesday with Paper Heart Camera for Touch Up Tuesday.    Have a great day.  Valerie


Anika said...

Ooo, love that second one, what great work you have done with it-i like the lighting and the cropping, makes a world of difference! Very pretty.

Lavender Cottage said...

Hi Val
I like how you changed your photo into a St. Patrick's Day tribute - very nice.

Crafty Gardener said...

What a lovely green teacup. It is fun playing around with touch ups isn't it. I very often take photos using different settings and then can't remember which one I used. I need to carry a note pad with me all the time to record all these things. :)

Tara said...

Love your first edit, what a pretty tea cup!

Kristy said...

Very cute and ready for St. Patrick!

Steve Ballmer said...

Good blog my friend!