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St. Patrick’s Day Mosaic


Even though my husband’s family and my own came from Ireland many years ago to Canada we like to wear our green on St. Patrick’s Day each year.  Ireland is a wonderful place to visit if you ever have the chance to go. 

Mosaic for St Pats day















I have used a Florabella texture as a background that was offered on her Facebook page this week.   Have a great week.   I am going to be at Canada Blooms this week soaking up the smell of spring flowers and dirt.   I am giddy with anticipation after this long long winter.   If you are at Canada Blooms this week on Wednesday I will be in Room 102 at the Master Gardener stage where I will be introducing the speakers until lunch and on Thursday I will be one of the tour guides for the early morning tours.   Stop by and say hello.   Valerie

On Monday Mary is our host for Mosaic Monday.  Come join us.


Happy St. Paddy's Day Val. Great mosaic. I will be also be at Canada Blooms this week and will stop by and say Hi. hugs, Jen
Marydon said…
Second generation & dual citizenship gal here ... loved our lengthy stay in Ireland. Green's no can imagine until they've visited.

Love your beautiful mosaic.

Happy St. Paddy's Day ~
Have a beautiful week ~

EG Wow said…
Happy Saint Paddy's Day, Valerie! This is a fun mosaic. :)
Carol said…
Canada Blooms, that sounds like fun! Your mosaic is terrific, love those shots!
Hi Val
I'll look for you Wed. and email about Saturday for driving down.
I also am excited about attending Blooms, good motivation for spring gardening. Hopefully I can get some shrub pruning done this week too while it's mild.
I've seen so many wonderful photos of Canada Blooms. I wish I lived closer!
Mary Elizabeth said…
Although I'm just as much Italian as I am Irish...this is the time I pretend to be all Irish!
I've done an Irish mosaic also!!
Karen said…
Ireland is one of the places I would love to see one day. Happy St. Patrick's Day to you!
Bernie said…
Great St Paddy's Day mosaic ... that's a lovely background!
I love the texture. A great mosaic!
Have a wonderful time at Canada Blooms.

LindyLouMac said…
Hi there this is my first time joining in with Monday Mosaic and I am now hopping around from Italy viewing all the wonderful blogs that join in. What a beautiful tribute to St Patrick's Day.
Snap said…
Erin Go Bragh!

lovely, fun mosaic
Shirley said…
Terrific mosaic! Enjoy Canada Blooms!
Beautiful! I love the pretty background, too! Enjoy your week...wish I was close enough to visit! ♥
Genie said…
My mosaic this week was pictures of my family all getting our heads shaved at the St. Baldrick’s Festival to help find a cure for childhood cancers. After seeing yours, I could have dome one with my 4 pinning wheels and all of my many cards and photos from Ireland. Maybe next year. Your is beautiful and so perfectly assembled. a lovely post and a fine collage.
What a beautiful St.Patrick's Day tribute! He is my patron/name saint!
Lisa said…
I'm "green" with envy. Being around flowers and dirt all week and a Master Gardener too. We have a MG program here once a year that I want to take but I can't talk myself into using a week's vacation to do it! Yet. You've got a great blog.
Jill Harrison said…
Thankyou for the little taste of Ireland. Enjoy Canada Blooms, and thank you also for stopping by my blog. It was lovely to hear from you.
LDH said…
Such a beautiful mosaic ~ love the background and the Irish theme!
Sheila said…
The Luck of the Irish to you! I enjoyed your Irish mosaic.
Pondside said…
What a pretty mosaic!
If I could, I'd be at Canada Blooms - in fact, back in early January had intended to be in Toronto for one of my sister's plays and then at Canada Blooms - but life interfered. I'll enjoy it vicariously through the internet.
Lorrie said…
Canada Blooms would be a lovely place to visit just now. I'm loving all the fresh green in this mosaic - spring is almost here!

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