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What a Difference a Year Makes

Last year at this time we were having an unusually early spring with temperatures that were so warm we were running around in sweaters and not coats.    The plants were enjoying the warmth of the soil and were sprouting early too.   Unfortunately, this March has been a different story.   Today is rainy and I suppose you could say that is a good thing as we do not have to shovel it.    I went back into my photos for last March and pulled out a photo of the tips of the tulips emerging from the leaves by the foundation wall of the house on March 9,2010.


As you can see there is no tulips emerging at all March 10, 2011.  I do however, see the hardy cactus emerging from the leaves but then it is an evergreen and just needs plumping up in the spring.

This is the tip of the Pineapple Lily or Eucomis autumnalis that I posted about a few weeks ago.   It is growing like crazy in the north window of my living room.    This is a macro shot of it that I took last week. 
This is the Pineapple Lily this morning.  It is opening up.   It may have blooms by Easter.  That would be nice.
So, my friends please join me as I share these with Tootsie for Fertilizer Friday and Laura for Macro Friday.   Have a great weekend.   Valerie


Lilies are my absolute favorite! LOVE the last shot.
Anika said…
So exciting to see the changes every year! Love your time line!!
Great shots. I have never seen a Pineapple Lily. I bet it is gorgeous. I would love to see some shots of the blooms.
deb duty said…
Sorry it's taking so long for spring to arrive for you. Hope it gets here soon! Love your photos, especially the detail in the middle one.
It's bound to happen soon, I'm hoping!
Ashley Sisk said…
That last shot is great - it'd be so nice if they'd go ahead and bloom. Come on Spring!
Lori E said…
Great LARGE pictures. They are cutting off part of your side bar however.
You can make them slightly narrower by changing the size in the html and still have them quite big.
We have lots of stuff popping up. Yay Spring.
Anonymous said…
10 more days and it will be official. Here in the desert, we're flirting with 90s already. I'd be happy to take some of the cloud and gray off your hands. :-)
kbreints said…
These are awesome! gives me hope that spring is on its way!
Ladynred said…
Love the cactus shot! Amazing.
Macro Friday
Darla said…
Nice to see some green I'm sure. Your plants are behind mine are ahead...Mother Nature must be going through the change...
Hi Val
Your pineapple lily has multiplied nicely, at least you have green tips indoors.
A lovely snapshot of springtime. Gorgeous pics and I can almost smell a bit of pineapple perfume in the air. ; > )
Sp exciting to watch them sprout and develop!
Rosie said…
How lovely! Isn't it just gorgeous to watch the progress! Spring is on its way! :-)
Dhemz said…
oh my..the sign of spring...lovely! great to be here. Hope you can check out my Macro entry.
It's always so exciting to see new life sprouting up like that.
Deborah Jean said…
It looks like spring in this post for sure! I archived my Peonies from last year as well... The won't be that lovely again until June! I did see the first bud for a white crocus today though! Spring is on the way!
Soon I can share flowers from the present time!
Thank you for your note.
My garden haven said…
Who can resist the charm of sprouting? It gives me a thrill each time I see hope rising out of the ground! Love the fotos.
Jenni said…
Hi Valerie, thanks for stopping by my blog. We are having a later spring this year as well, usually some of the early daffodils are close to budding by now..but nothing. boo. Love your macro photo! Cheers, Jenni from Oregon
Autumn Belle said…
It is refreshing to see these lettle sprouts. Wishing you lots of luck that your pineapple lily blooms by Easter!
Karen said…
Valerie, I know just how you feel, not many signs of spring around here yet either, just more snowflakes flying. Love your green sprouts indoors, though!
Greenearth said…
So beautiful watching plants grow.
I noticed this morning that some of my tulips near the house are doing well while the others are slow to get going. This cool rainy weather has been good for the greening of the grass though. Maybe when it does decide to warm up it will stay that way.
Bernie said…
It's always interesting to compare across the years ... there can be such contrasts in just what goes on in a garden. I know in my part of the world there's been a huge difference in the goings-on out in the garden between this Autumn and the last ... significant weather events have certainly had an effect.
Tootsie said…
don't you just love seeing green poking up!
we woke up to 3 more inches of snow today!!! HELLO!!! MOTHER NATURE? IT'S MARCH....TIME TO MELT!!!
thanks for linking in this week!

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