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Magic Mushrooms

Do you remember the Ikea commercial when the woman yells at her husband “START THE CAR START THE CAR”? I always laughed at that.  Well, the same kind of incidence happened this past weekend to me.  We were camping with our kids and their families in a Provincial Park an hours drive away from home.  My husband and I were in the truck going to the beach when I spotted this big patch of orange.  I couldn’t believe my eyes I thought it was a collection of kids toys there in the sand.   I yelled at my husband “Stop the Truck Stop the Truck” and out I went with the camera in my hand.   There in the sand was a huge patch of these bright orange mushrooms.   I later identified them through the National Audubon Society field guide to Mushrooms as a Tricholomataceae Agaricales or Jack O’Lantern mushroom.  The tops of most of them were at least 5-8 inches across and stood 6-8 inches tall in clumps. They are poisonous to eat.   I used Kim’s Magic 2 texture twice and removed the texture from the m…

School Days

I drove one of these babies for 20 years so I thought it fitting for Kim Klassen’s challenge for Texture Tuesday called “Back to School”.    I used textures 10-10-10 at blending mode of overlay 69% opacity and another layer of same at Linear Dodge 76% opacity.  I removed the texture over the school bus on both layers.  I then added texture Autumn at Softlight and opacity of 69%.Valerie

Mid August in the Sandbox

I can hear the crickets now in the mornings singing loudly and the dew on the ground is getting heavier. That tells me the summer is waning and fall is not far behind.   We were at our youngest son’s house last night for dinner and the buzz is all about the upcoming wedding.  They are counting down the weeks and everyone is so excited that it get here quickly.   I am too.   I am looking forward to it but it means that fall will be here then and the gardening season will be close to a close.   Oh that makes me unhappy.    Enjoy the colour in the garden now.   Hubby and I are off tomorrow for a little camping trip in the pop up camper.   The garden is in good hands while we are away.  I will attempt to stop comments as I will not be here to receive them.   Hope to have some new photos for you to see when I get back.  In the mean time have a wonderful week.    ValerieJoining Mary for Mosaic Monday

My friend Froggie

Froggie is a screen cleaner that sits on my desk.   I thought I would use him as my macro this week for Macro Friday at Laura’s.  Valerie

All You Can Stuff In Your Cheeks Buffet

As soon as I fill the tray feeder in the morning Mr. Chippy arrives and starts filling his cheeks to bulging with the sunflower and peanuts in the mix.   Instagram frame from Katie Lloyd.   Valerie

Lilac Clematis with Purple Prose Texture

This is my entry into the Challenge by French Kiss Textures that instructed us to use the texture called PurpleProse and then enter into their contest.  I think the lilac Clematis goes well with this texture.   So here goes.  Wish me luck.   Valerie

Peach Hibiscus

A lovely peach hibiscus that sits by the front door.

Little Things like Virgin’s Bower Clematis

Kim’s Challenge for this week was “its the little things” for My entry is the Clematis virginiana or Virgin’s Bower a native vine to North America.  The flowers are about 1  inch or 2.5cm in width. I have it growing on an arbor into the vegetable garden.  I used Kim’s newer texture called “canvasbackmagic” and used the recommended blending mode of screen and an opacity of 49%. I also used one of Kim’s brushes.

“Z” is for Zinnias

I am so happy with this flower bed.  It went from an eyesore in the spring when it was just a place that collected an old dilapidated burning barrel, left over stone from a project, a pile of weeds and some brush to a vision of colour and beauty.  It started with a good clean up and a load of triple mix.  My husband built me the obelisk.  It went in the centre.  Around it I started some seed from a packet of seeds from Renee’s Garden that contained a packet of scarlet runner beans called “Magic Beanstock” for the obelisk, Zinnia “Scarlet Flame” and Nasturtium “Summer Charm”.   Renee’s designed this packet to attract hummingbirds.  I am sure the hummys do enjoy it but it attracts me like a flame to a candle every day.   The Chipmunks have planted sunflowers in the bed and they give an extra boost of colour.  There is some perennials in here too but the annuals have been the star of the show.   Checkout Renee’s seeds at Renee’s Garden

Join us at Mary’s for another Mosaic Monday.    See…

Belamcamba chinensis

Belamcamba chinensis or Blackberry Lily is a native plant of North America.    I have a love affair with these lovely vintage frames and cannot stop using them on everything.   This one was a shout out from  Rosie of LeavesnBloomphotography yesterday and can be found at Fuzzimo.Joining Laura for Macro Friday

Giant Echinacea

I heard about a site called Polaroin today.  They will download one of your own photos onto a Polaroid .  I thought it was kinda cool.

Yellow Rose

Pale yellow single rose in the Sandbox garden with a vintage frame from CoffeeshopBlog a great place for all things Photoshop or Elements.

White Swan Echinacea for Texture Tuesday

Joining Kim Klassen Cafe for Texture TuesdayRecipe: Texture is Kim Klassen Raggedy paper 4.   Blending Mode  at Colour Burn 20%.  Duplicate layer and used blending mode Screen at 40%.  Removed texture from flowers on both layers.

Lilium ’lancifolium’ Turk’s Cap, Tiger Lily