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Mason Jars


Mason Jars for web

Seems that Mason Jars or canning jars in general have made a resurgence in the last little while.  I have seen on Pinterest and other cooking blogs food items not usually placed in a canning jars like a cake or even a pie are appearing as an idea to try when trying to impress family and friends.   The Toronto Star this morning had a item in the Life and Entertainment section siting that Mason Jars are not just for grandma’s raspberry jam anymore.  They are appearing in bars across Toronto apparently following a trend according to Bon Appetit. 

The Mason Jar was patented by New Yorker John L. Mason in the mid 1800s as a screw top “fruit jar” for preserving foods such as strawberries, green beans and peaches for over the winter. During the prohibition years the Mason Jar was used to carry moonshine through back alleys to thirsty patrons across North America.   Three featured bars in Toronto came up with their own version of a cool drink such as the Collins McMacintosh, the Bungalow Island Caesar and Sours all served in a Mason Jar.  

So, in keeping the thought alive I brought out one of my own Crown brand of Mason Jar and stuck in stem of daisies for Texture Tuesday Challenge.   This week we were to use the texture “happyheart” by Kim Klassen Café.  It gives the Mason Jar arrangement a little vintage feel with two layers of the texture.

I will also be joining with Lisa Gordon of the The Creative Exchange.  Have a great day.   Valerie




Pamela Gordon said…
Valerie, I love this picture! Mason jars are awesome containers that are so popular right now but I love putting pretty posies in them. Well done! Pamela
lisa said…
Valerie, this is BEAUTIFUL!
I made little cherry pies in the really small mason jars last year, and they were a hit for sure. They were yummy, and they looked so cute!

Thank you so much for sharing with us today at The Creative Exchange.

Have a wonderful evening!

Marydon said…
Oh, I need to find mine. It has a shamrock on it. TY for reminding me.
Have a great week.
Lesley said…
I read that article in the Star. I remember when we used to drink beer out of mason jars at certain pubs. I have a cupboard full of them that I just cannot give away, even if I don't use them.
Pondside said…
That is a beautiful photo.
There are Mason jars and Ball jars all over the house and garage. Normally they're for filling with pickles, jams and preserves, but I can see that I'll have to use my imagination and get them out where they're seen.
Lorrie said…
I love the look of Mason jars. I remember going to a restaurant years ago in Vancouver that was themed in the Depression. All their drinks were served in Mason (or Ball) jars. I loved the idea then, and love all the things people do with them now.
Your photo is so gorgeous with the daisies in the jar.
Beautiful photo and post-processing.

Regards and best wishes
Lauri said…
A wonderful image, the texture works well with your antique jar. Thanks for the mini history lesson, great fun.
Great image and beautiful use of texture.
Kathy said…
I've been noticing alot of Mason Jar usage on Pinterest too! They are actually quite lovely, aren't they! "Happy Heart" goes so nicely with your composition, lovely job.
nancyjean said…
i love old mason jars too! They make such a wonderful container for just about everything! I love what happy heart does to the glass. beautiful. have a great day!
Beautiful Val. I have some beautiful blue mason jars and never think to put flowers in them, Duh!
Riet said…
Thhat is such a lovely idea. I bought a small one last week for groceries but I need a big one for flowers, I can see that. :)))
Lovely photo.
Pat said…
I love using Mason jars too. I have a small collection of blue ball jars - so homey and lovely filled with daisies!
sarayutouched said…
great post...yah for the mason jar!!!
fotogran said…
I've been reluctant to let go of my old Mason jars and now i know why - they are so photogenic :) What a lovely shot!
Nadege, said…
Love the little jar and the daisies are so great to photograph...beautiful image.
Nancy Claeys said…
If I told you how many old Kerr, Ball, etc..., jars I have, you wouldn't believe me. They are great for so many things.

Charming photo and treatment. :)

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