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Thinking of Gardening with a Teacup


Teacup mosaic

We still have snow on the ground but my heart wants to get out into the garden and start playing in the Sandbox.   I see some of the gardening blogs I follow have flowers already appearing and I am envious.   In a couple of weeks Canada Blooms, the large gardening venue in Toronto begins where and I will be among the many people taking in all the different senses of flowers, trees and shrubs. This year for the first time Canada Blooms and the Home Show will be sharing the same venue so for one ticket you can see gardens and  get home decorating ideas at the same time.   I am looking forward to it.

My Mosaic for Mosaic Monday came about when I noticed the cobwebs up in the corners where I have a display of plates on a plate rack.   Time to get up there and get them down to clean them up.   I still have a few flowers left from Valentine’s Day and so one thing lead to another and here you go a combination of teacups and flowers.

Have a great week.  Valerie


Wow Val, you are starting your spring cleaning early. I cannot wait until Canada Bloom starts, it is only 12 more sleeps, but who's' counting, lol. Take care and have a wonderful week, my dear friend. Jen.
eileeninmd said…
I love your pretty teacups. The flowers are gorgeous. I am envious of bloggers sharing their flowers already. My daffies are just starting to poke out of the ground. The Home and Garden show sounds like fun. I hope you have a wonderful week ahead.
Crafty Gardener said…
They are very pretty teacups. Yes, I'm itching to get out in the garden too. It won't be long now.
Pamela Gordon said…
Lovely moscaic Valerie. I would love to attend the Canada Blooms and Home Show! That would be a fun thing to see. Have a good week! Pamela
Two things that go so well together Val. I can't wait to have tea in the garden again this year.
I was surprised to get a media confirmation for Blooms for the first time.
Tea cups and daisies...very Spring like and pretty! Enjoy your Monday! ♥
Cob webs can be a pretty good motivator. I am also in the spring cleaning mode!
Snap said…
Love your flowers and teacups ... two of my favorite things!
I love your china teacups! I'm always drawn to the ones with flowers on them.
Hope you will share pictures of Canada Blooms. It sounds like fun!
Carol said…
Your mosaic is beautiful! Love the flowers with the teacups. Looking forward to when you post about Canada Blooms!
Vee said…
Those spiders stay busy all the time. =D

Lovely mosaic as a result of their activity. Oh a garden and home show combined sounds like just the thing for this month!
Mary said…
Oh, your cups are so pretty! We have snowdrops here at the moment, and some hellebores. Every year I swear I will plant great swathes of snowdrops, and then I forget! Wishing spring comes soon for you! xoxo
Your teacups and flowers are lovely. I am from southwestern Ontario as well and can't wait for spring to arrive. It was beautiful this afternoon but not here to stay. I am your newest follower. Hope you will visit Magnolia Cottage. Blessings,

Bernie H said…
Such a sweet mosaic. I love those teacups. They're so dainty and lovely.
Pondside said…
What a pretty mosaic!
Each year at this time I say to myself 'next year I'll go to Toronto for the show' and then I forget all about it. One year I missed it by a week. Maybe next year.....
Ha, that's a post for me ;-)
Have a wonderful week,

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