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Sandbox Firsts for Mosaic Monday

2012 Sandbox firsts
We have had the most perfect weekend weather wise. Today I decided to get after the scourge of my front garden…the Vinca Minor or Periwinkle.  It has taken over the front bed and it has sunk it’s little tentacles into all the plants until nothing else can grow.  So, I went out with my favourite tool the copra head and dug as much out as I could until my back gave out.  I did manage to fill one of the large paper garden waste bags with it and some honeysuckle branches that was also taking over.  There is a lot more to do but I if the weather holds it will give me endless hours of play in the Sandbox. I am so glad to be finally able to get outside again.
My mosaic reflects more firsts.  The Hellebore Niger is beginning to bloom and so is the little Primula. The fish have appeared from the bottom of the pond and out came one frog to sun himself on the rocks.
I will be joining Mary for Mosaic Monday. I hope you have a great week. Valerie


Crafty Gardener said…
Lucky you seeing the frog. I've been listening for the peepers. Hope you enjoyed Canada Blooms.
Pamela Gordon said…
Beautiful mosaic. Imagine. The fish and frogs are out of the water there already! Still lots of ice here but it was a gloriously sunny warm day today. Have a lovely week!
Pamela Gordon said…
Beautiful mosaic. Imagine. The fish and frogs are out of the water there already! Still lots of ice here but it was a gloriously sunny warm day today. Have a lovely week!
No frogs yet, but the fish were on the surface of our pond today. There was beautiful weather today for gardening. Happy gardening this week:)
podso said…
You always make such a nice mosaic. The photos are lovely and I can tell you enjoy working in your garden!
Mary said…
LOVE the croaker & how fun to see the fish!
ellen b. said…
I'm waiting for some great signs of Spring. Yours are great!
Carol said…
Very pretty in your sandbox! Love the blooms and nice to see the fish and the frog, spring is in the air!
Jill Harrison said…
the first days of spring are such a magic time of year. We are in autumn here, though summer is hanging on!
Have a wonderful week
GrandmaK said…
Love the goldfish! Ours seem to be thriving too! Have a wonderful week!!! Cathy
Leslie's Garden said…
Oh goodness, I had to take down my 20 year old Forsythias because it was overrun with honeysuckle. I also have a rampant vine that was a gift from a lady on a garden tour...beware of free garden plants! Good luck with removing your vinca!
Vee said…
Wonderful additions of fish and frog to your mosaic. Don't overdo it with all that tugging and pulling now!
Snap said…
Love your mosaic of FIRSTS. It must be Spring!
Love your natural mosaic, and the frog is so perfect in this scene. Love it! Have a great week.

The French Hutch
Hi Val
Life is flourishing at the sandbox. Your fish look big and healthy and that froggie needs a friend.
Valerie, it's great to see the "firsts" of the season. I should get out to do a little pruning today and take advantage of the nice weather.
Naturegirl said…
Oh this is wonderful news! Frogs and fish appearing at your pond!I suppose it is safe to come home soon! We'll leave April 15th so I'm sure I'll return to tulips in my front garden!
Rained here for 2 days..first in over 90 days..brought down level of dust and pollen so it's easier for me to breath!
Feeling better..soon it's time to get out on one of my last photo shoots..havn't had many this year.
Love to stop by and keep in touch with what's happening in Ontario!
Happy gardening!
leavesnbloom said…
ahhhhhhhh lovely to not only see the flowers blooming but watching the wildlife aswell. Oh you poor thing - that vinca can take over in no time at all.
A wonderful mosaic!
Pat said…
Mosaics are so much fun to look at. I especially like the koi and froggy!
Love the fish and the flowers...Happy Spring
Jann Olson said…
Oh how I love your sandbox! I spent the entire day in the gardens Friday because the weather was beautiful. Woke up to 2 inches of snow on Sunday. Welcome to UT. lol! Beautiful again today and snow is almost melted. How fun to have fish! We have a small waterfall feature, but no fish. My grandson gave me a frog (or toad) not sure, last year. Hope to catch a glimpse of him. My Hellebore is just in bud, can't wait to see it bloom!
Georgianna said…
Hi Val! Happy Spring! Your weather does indeed look beautiful. And the frog! I hope that we can get a pond on our property this year. I would love to have frogs.

As for the Vinca – I have to say I love ours. We have some huge beds and it does a perfect job of filling in. I also love the blue, white and purple flowers. I keep it trimmed off the paths but otherwise it seems to behave itself.

Hope you are well. – g
Great pictures. Luckily vinca pulls out easily and can be trimmed. Thanks for stopping by, Laura

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