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Fresh Blooms for the Sandbox

It has been cool, windy and wet for the most part of the last week.  This weekend saw the sun shining again and today was really nice to be out in the garden or anywhere.    I finally got the planter of sedums out of the garage.  They were stretching for the light but with nightly frosts I was hesitant about putting them out.  The pulsatilla is blooming right along as are the Exotic Emperor tulips.  The moss phlox is just so pretty and loaded with blooms.  The yellow daffodils in the front garden just sway with the breeze.  The asparagus is coming up in the side garden.  This is my husband’s favourite and he looks forward to barbequing the tender spears with just a little olive oil.   Unfortunately,  he is not well enough to eat them this year.  I will cook some if he shows me how.   I don’t know about you but I never learned how to cook on the barbeque.  I left that to hubby.    He is a pro at it.  Our boys are also great bbq cooks. I can’t even light it.  I hated asparagus growing u…

Midmorning break for Texture Tuesday

This morning we are expecting a bit of winter to pass through.  It is cold and part rain and part snow outside.   Inside I am looking for something to inspire me for today’s photo.  I rooted through the frig and cupboards and paired up a lovely granny smith apple and a mug of the same colour.   I remembered to take a snip of the processing I did too.   I am joining Kim Klassen Café for Texture Tuesday.   Have a wonderful and dry day.   Valerie

Shades of Yellow

It has been rather windy lately and despite putting the camera on a tripod I could not get the flowers to stay still.   I sometimes carry a clothes peg around with me to hold a stem still until I photograph it but it would take a lot of clothes pegs to keep these from moving.  It seems that in the Sandbox the common colour in the flower bed is yellow at this moment.  The lemon fragrant dwarf iris is little sweety in the garden. My husband took the photo of the Erythronium americanum or dogtooth violet or trout lily as it called around here.  It bloomed only the one day and hasn’t opened its petals since.  The Euphorbia myrsinites or Donkey-tail Spurge is a plant that loves the sandy soil in the Sandbox.  I need to pull loads of it out each year to keep it in check.  The lovely white pulsatilla vulgaris is a favourite in my garden. The flowers and the seed heads are so attractive. I am joining Mary for Mosaic Monday.   Have a great week.   Valerie

Gently Used for Texture Tuesday

While cleaning up the side yard I found a bird nest from a robin on the ground.  It was probably from last year.  It looked well made with lots of sticks and mud and a small hole on the side.  I used two textures from Kim Klassen Café.  I used the newest one called “oh my” and then I used another called “love”.   I am joining Kim for Texture Tuesday.   Have a wonderful day.  Valerie

Sandbox Springtime with Lensbaby Flare

The Sandbox is coming awake more everyday.   The springtime bulbs are bursting out of the soil.   Tulips, Crocus, Grape Hyacinth and even the native Bloodroot have arrived.  The weeds and grass has invaded the flowerbeds too so I have been down on my hands and knees cleaning up.I am in the second week of a  4 week photography course with the Perfect Picture School of Photography with teacher Kathleen Clemons on how to take photographs using the Lensbaby.   I have a Lensbaby Composer which I bought a couple of years ago and have been using it with mixed results.   I really want to use it with some skill and it does take some playing around to achieve the results you want.    If you are interested in taking some photography classes yourself check out the website for all the different classes. I am joining Mary for Mosaic Monday.  Enjoy your week.   Valerie

A Basket of Chocolate Eggs

A little ceramic Easter basket holds some chocolate eggs covered in various  pastel coloured coatings.   These things are very addictive.  The frame is from Rita at the Coffeeshop Blog.  I am joining in the Leap into Spring Photo Challenge.  This week was Easter eggs.   Hope you have a wonderful weekend.   Valerie

Sweet Little Things for Texture Tuesday

There were a few hands in the Easter egg bowl yesterday but I managed to save a few for this photo.   Texture Tuesday Challenge was to use the texture “little things”.  I used two layers of the texture.  One was blended at softlight and the other was multiply.  I used a colourboard to spice it up. Joining Texture Tuesday at KimKlassenCafe.   Have a great week.  Valerie

It is Time to Leap into Spring

It is a beautiful and bright day to day for Good Friday although there is a cool breeze.  The little plants of Dipladenia (thanks for the correction Rosie)  would not like it outside just yet.  They are happy on the kitchen window sill getting some light and heat though.   Soon enough to plant them outside.
I am joining a new meme to me from a beautiful site called Live and Love Out Loud.  The meme Leap into Spring Photo Challenge will run for several weeks and there is a theme for each week.  Join in too.     Have a wonderful Easter weekend.   We will be having the family for Sunday dinner.    Valerie

A Mix of This and That for Texture Tuesday

I felt like the sorcerer’s apprentice when I was working on this photo.  I can not remember the steps I took to get here but I had fun along the way.   I did remember to write down the two textures I used but not the method.  This weeks challenge on Kim Klassen Café was soft.   I used Kim’s texture backin and another called BZieman Saphire Dust.  I am joining Kim Klassen Café Texture Tuesday challenge.   Have a great day.  Valerie

March is Cancer Month for Mosaic Monday

I bought a bouquet of daffodils the other day when we were at the hospital. Try as I might this afternoon I tried capturing some of their beauty for my mosaic but I don’t know whether it was the light or the photographer but I was not happy with these attempts.   It was one of the Sundays where it is rainy and dark and I should have been on the couch with a book and a blankie.  Some days are like that.I am joining Mary for Mosaic Monday.  Have a great week.  Valerie