Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Gently Used for Texture Tuesday


gently used birds nest

While cleaning up the side yard I found a bird nest from a robin on the ground.  It was probably from last year.  It looked well made with lots of sticks and mud and a small hole on the side.  I used two textures from Kim Klassen Café.  I used the newest one called “oh my” and then I used another called “love”.  

I am joining Kim for Texture Tuesday.   Have a wonderful day.  Valerie


Catherine said...

I love abandoned bird's nests. Excellent photo technique!

Happy Tuesday!
xo Catherine

Deborah said...

absolutely fantastic!

Susan said...

How neat!! Love what you did to this picture.

Hope your day is blessed♥

Heather said...

Looks terrific. How lucky to find an abandoned nest - I like to "collect" them and place them in strategic places around the fence. Right now there's one on my mantel in the house. I look at it as a little thank you gift for all the bird seed given over the winter. Enjoy.

Marilyn said...

Isn't Nature just wonderful? Master architects, these birds!

Pondside said...

How sweet - I wonder if it will be used by another little bird family.