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Shades of Yellow


Shades of yellow mosaic

It has been rather windy lately and despite putting the camera on a tripod I could not get the flowers to stay still.   I sometimes carry a clothes peg around with me to hold a stem still until I photograph it but it would take a lot of clothes pegs to keep these from moving.  It seems that in the Sandbox the common colour in the flower bed is yellow at this moment.  The lemon fragrant dwarf iris is little sweety in the garden. My husband took the photo of the Erythronium americanum or dogtooth violet or trout lily as it called around here.  It bloomed only the one day and hasn’t opened its petals since.  The Euphorbia myrsinites or Donkey-tail Spurge is a plant that loves the sandy soil in the Sandbox.  I need to pull loads of it out each year to keep it in check.  The lovely white pulsatilla vulgaris is a favourite in my garden. The flowers and the seed heads are so attractive.

I am joining Mary for Mosaic Monday.   Have a great week.   Valerie


eileeninmd said…
Love your pretty yellow blooms. The iris and the trout lily are my favorites. Your garden must be looking very cheery, seeing your photos has brightened up my rainy day. Thanks for sharing, have a great week ahead.
Catherine said…
Wow ~ you have a lot of pretty yellow! I have no yellows yet. Just purples. All the colors of spring and summer make me happy!

Hope your wind dies down!
xo Catherine
Crafty Gardener said…
I love yellow blooms. It certainly was a challenge to get photos this morning, I tried several times to get some of the daffodils before I was happy.
Yellow flowers are so cheerful. It's extremely windy here today...and cold!
Snap said…
Love your yellow blooms. Such a happy color! :D :D
Yellow flowers have got to be the friendliest. They just exude sunshine and make a lovely bouquet or in this case a lovely mosaic.
podso said…
You did great I'd say, in spite of the wind. I enjoyed your yellow collage!
Pondside said…
Yellow is the signature colour of spring, isn't it? All over the country, from daffodil to skunk cabbage and all the lovelies in between. I am finally able to grow Euphorbia now that the deer are fenced out!
Naturegirl said…
Valerie! Your garden is filled with the color of Sunshine!
Happy Earth Day!
Heather said…
I love how yellow makes everything around it seem fresher and greener - my daffodils are beaming in the garden right now - waiting for the snow to arrive later today.

Great mosaic!
Stephanie said…
Your flowers are beautiful. I think the little bit of wind movement adds a nice touch to the picture. I also found your tip about the clothespin to be very useful in the future. I'm just learning the tricks of photography and appreciate these hints to better pictures.
I agree yellow is a sunny colour for a spring garden. Love the white pulsatilla.
Lorrie said…
The clothespin idea is brilliant. I'm going to remember that! Yellow is such a herald of spring, isn't it?
AND, very lovely shades of yellow, beautiful!
Jill Harrison said…
yellow is so much the colour of spring! so welcome to spring!
Thank you for dropping by my blog on Monday - it was great to hear from you. I am a little slow in responding.
Enjoy the rest of your week.

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