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Getting Ready for Christmas

Ornaments mosaic

I have begun the chore of going under the basement stairs where I store all the Christmas ornaments and dragging them upstairs. My husband declared when I brought the tree up that he did not want a big tree in the living room this year and could I get a smaller one.  Grrrrrr! Tomorrow I will have to add new small tree to my ever growing to do list.  I have bought a few things for gifts but not many and I need to get going. Have you seen the parking lots these days!!! 

Today was rainy and dark and I had trouble getting enough light to take some photos for this collage.  If you see me tomorrow I will have on my happy Christmas face but maybe not today.  

I am happy to be able to share with you my mosaic for Mosaic Monday with our host Mary.   Have a great week.  Excuse my grumbling.




Pamela Gordon said…
I like your mosaic Valerie. I think the lighting is cozy. I almost wish I had bought a smaller tree last year when we got our new one. It takes too long to decorate a big one then I dread un-decorating it too! The parking lots and traffic are crazy now but maybe Monday won't be so bad.
Hi Val
It's starting to look like Christmas at your house. Have fun choosing another tree - the flocked ones seem to be in style this year, and lots of purple decorations! :-)
Snap said…
Your mosaic is lovely ... sparkly! I decided this year I would not be in a hurry to decorate and the house looks like a tornado hit ... boxes stacked up ... but I am taking my time, playing Christmas music and enjoying the process! Amazing! :D :D
The lighting is perfect, I like the soft look. I am not going to visit the mall parking lot in December, they are packed. See you later, Jen.
podso said…
Valerie I think the lighting looks actually nice --sort of romantic cozy in the evening look. I am trying to do online shopping for some things this year -- and just go out for people and decoration watching, not shopping,
Lorrie Orr said…
Some days are just like that. Hope you wake up to a happier one tomorrow.
Your decorations are pretty. Soon your home will be filled with the lovely glow of Christmas.
It's a struggle to find enough light in these darker days, but you did a great job.

We are wavering on whether or not to get a

Vee said…
Very much to do! I think I might have suggested to my darling if he had made such a request that he get right on that. ☺
Hope that you find something that works beautifully!
Very pretty pics. I love getting all of the holiday things out!
eileeninmd said…
Lovely decorations and lighting. The reflections on the ornaments are pretty. The stores and parking lots are not my favorite things to visit when it is close to Christmas! Have a great week ahead.
After putting of the decorating, etc. until this week because we had a big birthday celebration weekend for my sister's 50th, I'm feeling the pressure this morning. No Christmas happy face her today knowing that it's only 2 weeks till my big family party here and there is so much to do!!
Jill Harrison said…
everyone this week seems to be getting their homes ready for Christmas. But I wait till my grandson has had his birthday this Friday, before I even think of Christmas decorations. I think his day should be special, and not get mixed up with the Christmas festivities.
But this weeks Mosaic Monday has certainly been inspiring.
Have a wonderful week.
Pondside said…
When it all gets to be too much, look back on this mosaic, which is so beautiful - its calm belies the effort it takes to make everything come together! I hope today has dawned a little brighter and easier for you.
Riet said…
Your ornaments are gorgeous and I love your mosaic. I didn't even begin the decorations yet.
Lisa Gordon said…
This is a beautiful mosaic, Val!
Love your holiday decorations.
Diana Taylor said…
I love your Christmas photo mosaic and I particularly love the photos of the baubles - they are beautifully shot.
The Artful Diva said…
I wanted to stop by and and say hi. I've been remiss with my blog hopping - gathering up all my fine junk for a garage sale!
Icy BC said…
Beautiful Christmas mosaic! I love the macro shots of this!
momphotographer said…
I love the shots of the Christmas balls.
Ruth said…
I love it too, especially the baubles :) I noticed lots of grumpiness last weekend when out shopping but I enjoyed buying a few gifts, I hope you had a successful trip :)

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