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A Little Glitter

bOrnament triptch

ornament triptch 2

So many things left to do before Christmas.  I am way behind and feeling tired already.  I wonder if Santa could bring me some enthusiasm this year for Christmas. I read a blog by a wonderful photographer some time ago who said in answer to those times you get photographers block that if you run out of things to take to photos of just go out to the kitchen and open the drawer. Well today I did that kinda.  I looked at the Christmas tree and said okay maybe I could take a few pictures of things that glitter.

I am joining our host Mary for Mosaic Monday.  I hope you are enjoying the season.




We all enjoy some holiday glitter and sparkle! I hope you enjoy the week ahead! Holiday hugs!
Hi Val
I see you have glittery birds on your tree too - doesn't surprise me. Do you think if I get writer's block I could open a drawer and be inspired? :-)
Vee said…

Oh sweet images of Christmas...wonderful colors all shimmering.

"Opening a drawer" is about what I did. I wanted to be outside because it was so pleasant and mild for a December day. Pace yourself, slow down a bit allowing yourself many holiday joys and you'll get through well...I'm pretty sure of it! Have a great week.
Hi Val, The tree ornaments look beautiful in a mosaic. hugs, Jen.
I love your mosaics. They are so pretty with the ornaments.
eileeninmd said…
Hello Valerie, your glittery ornaments are beautiful. I love the pretty bird. Lovely mosaic, have a wonderful week ahead.
Snap said…
A girl can never have too much glitter. Your ornaments are lovely. Have a glittery week!
Lisa Gordon said…
I actually did the same thing this past weekend, Val! I really like just a single ornament in a photo, and these are just beautiful. Have to say though, that it took me a while to clean the glitter off of my camera. Guess I got too close a couple of times! :-)

Wishing you a bright beginning to your week!
Crafty Gardener said…
Glittery things are always pretty. This morning our driveway, path and deck are glittery from the ice rain overnight.
Nice mosaic and a piece of good advice when we're overwhelmed with things other than blogging. I'm finding it a challenge right now to remember to take photos, enhance them and then blog about them. There's so little time.

Enjoy your week.
Isn't glitter just about the best thing for Christmas? The stars glitter, the lights glitter (oh heck... that's twinkle) what was I thinking!!
Peggy Jones said…
Hi Valerie, that idea made for a nice mosaic. I have some unusual shaped light bulbs and you just gave me an idea. Merry Christmas to you and your family.
podso said…
I like your mosaic choice. and the photos have a nice light to them which makes you think they are on a tree reflecting light. Hope you get everything done this week!
Your page looks so festive and I love the glittery ornaments in the mosaics.
Glitter is amazing stuff - looks great, lifts the spirits and then covers anything that comes near. I've got red glitter dusting the table and floor and my sleeves from writing red glitter decorated Christmas cards. Love glitter anyway.

May a sunbeam find the glitter and brighten the day.

Lorrie Orr said…
A bit of glitter never comes amiss. I hope you are getting things done and feeling more rested as Monday ends. I know how you feel. After being away on the weekend I was called in to teach today and tomorrow and my house is in dire need of some attention, never mind the Christmas things I'd like to get to.
Micupoftea~ said…
Nice Mosaic and great a drawer, or how about a cupboard? Enjoy the days leading to Christmas :)
Icy BC said…
Beautiful, beautiful mosaic, and those glistering ornaments are fantastic!
Sparkly and lovely -- your mosaic reminds me of a shadow box of keepsake Christmas ornaments.

Because we fly (or drive) away to warmer climates in the Winter now, Christmas is a non-traditional one for us lately. But I wouldn't have missed the old-fashioned family tree and celebrations we used to love for anything in the world! (Your ornaments remind me of those days).... Great memories. (But even if we still owned our old home in Oregon, Christmas wouldn't be the and even grandkids are past the "magical" age now.)
PS: I love your 'writer's block' idea and may steal it. (We are so busy getting our winter house organized that we haven't been anywhere for over a week, except to shop. So I don't have many new photos to inspire me!)
I adore all things that glitter! I find it hard to get those "Christmasy" photos. Well done!
Pondside said…
I hope the glitter lifted your heart!
Want to know a secret? Today, December 14th, and I don't have more than the wreath on the door. The lights are up outside, thanks to my family, but inside the only sign of Christmas is in the cards and wrapping on the dining room table. It will happen this weekend, but it is taking me some effort. We're in the same club!
Naturegirl said…
I too am overwhelmed and not because there is decorating to do. It's the social commitments all tied up in a matter of rest in between! Having said that I feel much gratitude for having friends that include me and my man in their invitations.
T'is the season!
In case I run out of time to make the rounds, today I wish you the Happiest Christmas ever and may you have many more treasured moments in the coming year! Fa la la..Joy to The World!

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