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The Week Before Christmas for Mosaic Monday




It is rainy and dark here today.  I have had to have all the lights on in the house to see.   It is hard to believe that Christmas will be here next week by looking outside but that could change.  I finished up all the wrapping yesterday and the little tree looks quite festive now with the packages underneath.   My mosaic today is a few of the photos I took through the week and played around with in Lightroom and Photoshop. The cute little ribbon was from the Coffeeshop Blog.

I will be joining Mosaic Monday with Mary at DearLittleRedHouse.    Have a great week.



Crafty Gardener said…
It was dull and dreary here too, and I also had the tree lights and other lights on I sat by the fire for awhile and did some crochet and watched the curling finals.
The day will be here before we know it. We had a family gathering Saturday night and the little ones are so excited.
Sure hope we have some snow next week.
What a beautiful mosaic. I love playing with holiday photos! Enjoy your week!
We have bright sunshine here in Florida. I'm in a gray mood though because of last week's events. Thank you for brightening up my goes on.
Lorrie Orr said…
The darkness seems to intensify each day now. Soon, the light will return. It's windy and rainy here tonight. Candles and soft light are very cozy.
Pondside said…
The clouds and rain make it dark here too. We walked in the woods this afternoon and it was nearly dark at 2 pm.
I love the heart of the flower - gorgeous!
Jill Harrison said…
Hard to believe it is so cold and wintery there and bright summer sunshine here - 2 very different Christmas's - one day I hope to have a white one!
Lovely mosaic to celebrate the coming of Christmas - have a wonderful Christmas. I wish you & yours joy and happiness.
eileeninmd said…
We had a cloudy Sunday too, your mosaic and photos are lovely. Your pretty poinsettia and festive lit tree help to brighten up the house. Merry Christmas , have a happy week ahead.
podso said…
Your images are lovely and your header is beautiful. It's nice you have your wrapping done! Enjoy!
Pamela Gordon said…
Such a pretty mosaic. It would make a great greeting card too. Have a great week!
Lori E said…
It is soooo dark. Dark when I go into work and dark when I come out. I guess I will get my "sunshine" from my Christmas lights.
I really like the close up of the poinsettia. Those little buds are the actual flowers aren't they? Not the red leaves like everyone thinks.
Riet said…
These are really the dark days before Christmas. Dark in the morning and early in the afternoon. It seems like we haven't seen the sun for ages. Merry Christmas.
I agree, it has been so dark and dreary and I need the sunshine, for I get very sad and we have had some difficult past 2 weeks and still some healing to come. I love your mosaic, really so lovely and cheerful~
Icy BC said…
It is such a beautiful mosaic, and that poinsettia is gorgeous!
Lisa Gordon said…
Dull, dreary, and cold here. :-(
I am so hoping for some snow for Christmas.
Love your Christmas mosaic, Val.
Your poinsettia macro is just beautiful.
I wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas.
xo.'s cold here, and snowy.

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas, and a peaceful New Year.


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