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Beauty with a Secret


Cyclamen collage

Last week in the grocery store I wandered over by the floral section to have a look.  A pot of cyclamen caught my eye because of the pink colour with purple tips and I thought to myself that it would be a practice project for my macro lens. 

Yesterday I began taking some photos and as I was looking in and around the plant for different angles I looked more closely at the leaves.   As I had this horror some years back that infected all of my orchids I was ready to pitch these beauties in the garbage quick.  If you look in the bottom right corner of the mosaic you will see that the leaves had a coating of  white sooty looking spots.  I got out the magnifying glasses out to make sure but it was the dreaded houseplant insect called “scale”.  It’s appearance  looks like a little wooly egg shaped creature.  It will destroy the plant and any other plants in the same space.  An application of straight alcohol was applied with paper towel to the leaves and it is now quarantined away from any other plants.  If the scale returns the plant will be in this weeks trash. 

When you are in the store and thinking about bringing a plant home look at the leaves to make sure you are not bringing this insect home with you.  

I am joining Mary for Mosaic Monday.    Have a great week.  




Pondside said…
I have never had much luck with house plants - perhaps that's why!...or at least it feels like a good excuse right now!
Nasty bug. I hope your method of control works. Stunning mosaic Val. Jen
Lorrie said…
Ugh. It's a good thing to check for scale and bugs. I hope your efforts are successful! Beautiful flowers.
I hope you can cure the plant Val because the flowers are a pretty colour.
Vee said…
Oh no. Thanks for the tip, I will be on the lookout.
Oh no -- I hope you save it, such a pretty plant. At least you'll have the beautiful pictures if it doesn't make it. And thanks for the good advice.)
eileeninmd said…
What a lovely flower, I am glad you caught this insect in time. Sounds awful for other plants. Thanks for the suggestion. Have a happy week ahead!
Oh I do hope that you shall not have to pitch these lovlies into the trash...they are really gorgeous. Yes, I forget about those little bugs too. Happy week~
Lori E said…
I am always plagued by bug when I buy indoor plants. I have pretty much given up on them.
How sad it would have been to lose your orchids.
It sure is a pretty plant though.
Jannibele said…
Lovely punk flower! Have a nice week
I rarely buy flowers but this is good to know. Living here in Florida we have something blooming most of the time...which is nice. Happy Monday!
Jenni said…
Beautiful shots and mosaic.. what a shame about the scale.. lets hope the alcohol did the job.
Diana Taylor said…
Beautiful photographs - I love the purple tips to the flowers - very unusual - I just hope they don't end up in the trash!
Jill Harrison said…
beautiful flowers and beautiful macros. Pitty about the scale. I hope you get rid of it - the scale I mean - not the plant. I get it on my roses sometimes.
Have a wonderful week.
Naturegirl said…
I rarely purchase those grocery store potted plants just for that reason. A fresh bunch of flowers are my treat both to my senses and the camera lens.
Keep a watchfull eye on that!!
Naturegirl said…
For that reason I never buy the grocery potted plants. I choose the fresh flowers.Both a treat to my senses and the camera lens. Keep a watchful eye!
Pamela Gordon said…
Oh, that is such a shame Valerie. But, you're right that we should check such things before purchasing. Your mosaic and macro pics are beautiful though the plant's life might be short lived. Have a great day!
My Maine Blog said…
Thank you for your lovely comment. I think your blog is very beautiful and your photography is outstanding.
A beautiful place to visit on a cold and snowy day here in Maine.
Lynne Cherot said…
Scale is a problem, I've lost weeping figs to it over the years. I live in The Okanagan Valley of BC and garden in a sand box too, nice to hear I'm not the only one.
Lisa Gordon said…
I've brought little creatures home more times than I care to admit. :-( Checking, and thoroughly, is excellent advice.

This is a truly beautiful mosaic, Valerie!
Happy Tuesday!
Riet said…
I have had that bad luck so many times. It must have been in the draught .
Beth said…
Your cyclamen is pretty. I hope you are able to get rid of the scale.
Very pretty mosaic. I look forward to seeing you at My Dream Canvas.
Miss Kodee said…
Those are beautiful. I think you just inspired me to pick up some potted flowers to liven up the dear indoors here!
I'm not a great fan of cyclamen but the color is so beautiful.

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