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More Pink for Photo Art Friday


Cyclamen with pdpa rice paper texture

I have been listening to some good podcasts or webcasts from good photographers over the last week and their main tip is to practice your photography everyday and try out different things to get better.  Practice makes perfect.  The pot of pink cyclamen has been moved and studied from many angles. 

Bonnie gave us a lovely texture called brown rice paper to make our artwork with this week.   I used it over a photo of the pink cyclamen.  I like how it looks like a real canvas.

pink cyclamen with pdpa rice paper reversed liqified

For this photo I used the texture as a background to the very same pot of pink cyclamen but then I got crazy  by choosing a filter in CS5 called pixelbender. It is a plug in that you can download from In Pixelbender I used the oil painting tools to play about.  But, I did not stop there; I then chose another filter called liquify and pulled the colour this way and that. Lastly, I made a few adjustments in Topaz Adjust 5.  It was like finger painting as a child. 

I am joining Bonnie for Photo Art Friday



Pamela Gordon said…
That is pretty cool artistry. Fun to do I'm sure. Enjoy!
Bonnie said…
Looks like you have been having a lot of fun Valerie! I'd frame and hang that first one.
momphotographer said…
Valerie, the first piece is wonderful!
Wow, the second is a true abstract. Nice job.
Georgianna said…
I love that you are experimenting so much, Val. That is truly the way to discover new ideas and techniques that you wouldn't have learned before. It's a never-ending exploration!

Wishing you a most wonderful, happy, healthy and fulfilling year ahead!

eljaygee said…
like the way your abstract keeps the basic structure of the texture so it looks painted on top. I also did pink this time
Anki-itte said…
I like the first picture better.
Heather Benton said…
Well, your practice has certainly paid off. Your photos and editing are getting better and better each week. Love the cyclamens!
Currie Silver said…
experimenting is always fun and your results show it in two very wonderful ways.

I appreciate your insights shared, too. somedays I wonder why I don't spend more time taking photographs. it seemed for so long I DID and Now I am learning to play with them. I would like to find a middle place where I can experiment on both.

perhaps your work this PAF will BE the inspiration for me!!
Miriam said…
Oh what fun you have had with wonderful results. Yes practice , practice , practice or play, play, play. Your results are lovely.
Emily S said…
I've seen that pixelblender before, and I always love the end result! Trying new things is so fun!!
Ida said…
These are both great. I love the soft, dainty feel of the first edit. It's also fun to see the abstract edit you created with the same flowers. Very fun.
The Artful Diva said…
The brown rice paper texture is a great one - works really well with your photos too!
NatureFootstep said…
I like the first one. The secons is a bit too much for me. But I say, Thanks for the link. :)
I love Cyclamen and especially pretty!
Andrea Dawn said…
Breath-taking cyclamen shot! I love that you shared your playing around with Pixelbender piece and while it might not be everyone's "cup of tea" there is something very endearing about it to me. Perhaps because it is more about self-expression than a learned and perfected skill. So glad I stopped by.

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