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Easter Greetings

Love always involves responsibility, and lovealways involves sacrifice.And we do not really love Christ unless we are prepared to face his task and to take up his cross.William BarclayWe had our Easter Dinner with our boys and their wives and baby Kenzington yesterday as they were having dinner with the in-laws today.   My husband had just been discharged from hospital and it was nice to have a meal together again.  Good Friday had me setting the table and then I began to take a few pictures as I went along.  It ended up being a little still life project.  Life is like that as just when you start of do something you get a little side tracked and off you go in another direction. I am joining Mary for Mosaic Monday.   Have a blessed Easter.

What if?

The beauty of using an editing software program is the ability to ask yourself…What would happen if I pushed this button or I made this colour look like that.   Sometimes happy results occur and then I have to stop and ask myself how did I do that.   I had bought a bouquet of flowers at the beginning of the week and I intended to photograph them but then life got in the way.   Today, I could see that many of the flowers looked done but the chrysanthemums were doing okay so I did some playing.  Once the photographing is done though I know they need editing.  Since changing over last year from photographing in mostly jpeg I made the brave move to only raw format.  I know that every photograph needs editing then.   I am enjoying the experience of what the various programs can do.  I am joining Mary for Mosaic Monday.   Hope you have a wonderful week.

In the Round

Last Saturday I attended one of the largest garden Shows in North America.  Canada Blooms is an event I look forward to at the end of each winter, as despite what the weather is outside, it is always blooming inside with garden upon garden of flowers, shrubs and trees all forced into bloom for a two week period.   I was attracted to this plexiglass design in one of the garden pools.  In another garden was a set of three balls to give some landscape interest to the front garden. It may not be for everyone but it is an idea.  Just to add my own stamp on the whole round theme I thought I would participate  at Photo Art Friday with Bonnie who wanted us to try a selfie this week.  I inserted my headshot into the garden ball and added a Pixel Dust Photo Art texture called Rose Dust.  Hope the designer doesn’t mind a little artistic license.  I am joining Mary for Thursday’s Inspirations where the theme is round. We have been snowy periods to the opening of spring but I did see a chipmunk at…

A New Arrival

It seemed like it took for ever but much to the delight of all, our first granddaughter arrived.  Mom and Dad had picked the name of Kenzington (Kenzi for short) from the beginning. It seems like a big name for such a wee girl but she will grow into it.  Mom and Dad are over the moon except for her fussy times at night.  We remember that don’t we?   She has her nights and days mixed up.  I went to visit last week and just wanted to hold her the whole time.  As many of you with grandchildren can attest it is the best of times.I am joining Mary for Mosaic Monday.  Have a great week.  This week ushers in  spring of 2013 but we will have snow for the beginning of it.

My First Book

I watched several videos with Scott Kelby talking about the fact that on the way home in the plane from any of his trips he makes a book of his best photos and has it printed.   He explains in detail how he does it in his Lightroom 4 book that is now in pieces because I have used it so often.   I decided to do my own book using the template in the Lightroom program from Blurb to make my first book about my garden in 2012.   It took me a few weeks of choosing the photos and then editing and resizing them and deciding what photo would go on any page etc.  but finally I had it the way I wanted it and then just sent it to Blurb for printing.  In about three weeks I had my first published book in my hands.  I was very happy with the quality of the book that I will do another one soon.   To me a book is a necessity.   I have several of them on the go at any one time.  I may be reading a novel but I have gardening mags and photography books piled up to look at daily.  At the moment I just fi…

A Tulip Collage for Mosaic Monday

I have been searching through my last years photos for spring like photos.  Tulips are always a good choice for a collage as they come in so many pretty colours.  I chose just three today and used a story board by Rita at TheCoffeeShopBlog.  I am joining Mary today for Mosaic Monday.   Have a great week.