Thursday, September 26, 2013

Colours are Changing

I have been out in the car a lot this week and have noticed that the trees are changing quickly. I want to stop and take pictures but I have just enough time to get to an appointment.

Why I ask myself does our lives become so complicated. When you retire you are supposed to stop and smell the coffee but often you fill it up with other kinds of busy. I haven't got the truck emptied of mulch for the gardens yet.

Thanks to my Tassimo I am sitting here in the dark this morning enjoying my coffee and wishing you a great day.

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Lorrie said...

I've heard other retired people say that they get busy too. I guess it's something we all tend to.
Sitting in the morning dark with a quiet cup of something warm is a lovely way to start the day. Enjoy!

Lisa Gordon said...

Somehow, this just seems to happen.
I for one know, that anytime I get some free time, I find a way to quickly fill it with something I "must" do. Glad you had some "me" time this morning!

Ida said...

Enjoy those few peaceful moments you have.

I'm even more busy now that I'm at home and my Granddaughter is living with us along with her mom. Doing the "kid" thing again all over.