Tuesday, September 24, 2013

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frog peaking out from the waterlily

I was reading a blog today of a fellow garden writer who said he was cutting back the water lilies in his pond this week.   When I ventured down to our pond this afternoon I found 5 frogs enjoying the sunshine in an around our water lilies so I said to myself that I would do that chore but not yet. 

another frog peaking out

Made a dash around the yard tonight putting pots of annuals away in the garage.  Going to have a heavier frost tonight.  Seems too early for this.  I was hoping that we would have some flowers until after Thanksgiving on October 14.

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Lavender Cottage said...

Hi Val
I read that too about the pond maintenance. My frogs still want their leaves for sunning as well.
I could see the frost on the roofs this morning while out walking.

Lorrie said...

It does seem early for frost. Hope the froggies get to enjoy more sunshine on their lily pads. Cute photo.

Pamela Gordon said...

Great pics of the froggies. It is too early for frost and I'm trying to hang on to my annuals as long as I can too. We had frost last week but there is none in the forecast this coming week.

Diane Cayton-Hakey said...

Look how cute they are peeking out of the lily pads.. LOL It does seem early for frost, but then you are quite a ways further north than we are so guess Mother Nature is a bit cooler up that way.

Country Gal said...

Wonderful photos ! We can get either a light frost like this morning or a hard frost it depends as we live in a valley with a river running through it and the temps are always just ever so slight from higher ground . Thanks for sharing ! Have a good day !

Jennifer said...

Fall seems to keep changing its mind this year. One minute it is quite warm and the next its freezing. I bet the frogs are happy to have fall linger in your pond.

Lisa Gordon said...

Yup, I would have waited too.
They looks so comfy there!

Ida said...

Oh how fun to spot those cute little frogs.