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Images from a Winter’s Walk

I know many of you are experiencing some terrible winter storms.  The news has been showing us all the mishaps that have been going on on the roads.  Our news has been full of horrendous fires of people’s home and even a Nursing Home in Quebec.  It makes me sad.This week I looked back at some photos taken in winter in other years.  I found these images from a walk in Scanlon Creek, a Conservation Area near here, from back in 2012. The snow did not seem so deep. I am joining Mary for Mosaic Monday.  Keep comfy and warm this week. Valerie

Add A Little Colour to Your Day

In theory I have created two diptychs and not mosaics but it is all I have today.  The world around is mostly white now in winter so a little colour purchased from the grocery store is what I surround myself in to perk me up.I am joining Mary for Mosaic Monday.  Hope your world is a little colourful today too.

Backyard Portraits

After all the snow storms, freezing rain and frost quakes we are now having a thaw.  The downspouts are pouring with water and the sidewalks are a skating rink.   I wandered out to the pond this morning to see if there were bubbles in the water showing that the hole was open.  To this point the little greenhouse we have coving the opening has been covered in snow and we had no idea if the ice had frozen over or not.  While I was out there I took some pictures.  The little garden boy statue was completely covered over last week but he is only waist deep today.I am joining Mary for Mosaic Monday.   Hope you all are staying well.

A Booming Start to 2014

This morning when I woke up I found the temperature gauge at the back door read –25Celcius.  That is cold.  The kind of cold that when you get in your car you think you are sitting on a pile of bricks.   Poor thing protested when I tried to start it.    We are not the worst though I have heard of –55Celcius in our neighbouring province of Manitoba.   Glad I am not there this morning.Over the holidays, and yes, just this morning we have been having this rare occurrence of frost quakes or Cryoseism.  It sounds like a tree landing square on your roof.  It actually makes the house shake.  There goes another as I am typing this.   The papers tell us that this is a rare event caused by a  when sudden drop in temperature freezes groundwater which expands and cracks the soil resulting in a loud noise and the shaking of the ground. This little red squirrel from the archives is probably snug up in his nest in a tree and won’t come out today.I am off to the gym to shake my sillies out.   Have a …