Friday, January 3, 2014

A Booming Start to 2014


December 16 temperature

This morning when I woke up I found the temperature gauge at the back door read –25Celcius.  That is cold.  The kind of cold that when you get in your car you think you are sitting on a pile of bricks.   Poor thing protested when I tried to start it.    We are not the worst though I have heard of –55Celcius in our neighbouring province of Manitoba.   Glad I am not there this morning.

Over the holidays, and yes, just this morning we have been having this rare occurrence of frost quakes or Cryoseism.  It sounds like a tree landing square on your roof.  It actually makes the house shake.  There goes another as I am typing this.   The papers tell us that this is a rare event caused by a  when sudden drop in temperature freezes groundwater which expands and cracks the soil resulting in a loud noise and the shaking of the ground.


red squirrel

This little red squirrel from the archives is probably snug up in his nest in a tree and won’t come out today.

I am off to the gym to shake my sillies out.   Have a great day and keep warm.



A Garden of Threads said...

Too Cold today, brrrrrr!

Country Gal said...

Yup darn cold here to and when the winds blow even colder BRR ! Thanks for sharing . Stay cozy and have a good day !

Lisa Gordon said...

I can't beat that (temperature), but I can tell you that we are very close. Then you factor in the wind, and....misery! Supposed to be better tomorrow.

Sure do hope that little squirrel is somewhere warm.

Have a wonderful weekend, Valerie!

Pamela Gordon said...

I heard about the frost quakes you've had there. Really strange. We heard a couple of loud cracks here yesterday and wondered what they were. I wonder if it was the same thing. It certainly is cold there and here too. It was -23 this morning and now it's -19. And snowing. :( I did walk on the treadmill for the first time in months. No gym for me. Stay warm!

Lorrie said...

Oh BRRRRRRR. I read about Cryoseism just yesterday for the first time. I imagine it would be a little unnerving.

Stay warm. You are having a dilly of a winter!

Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

The frost quakes have been happening here too Val and they are a little unnerving.
Keep warm!

lindaakacraftygardener said...

We have been hearing those ice quakes as well ... 2 really loud ones this morning. It's lovely and sunny but still very, very cold.