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Backyard Portraits


Backyard Portraits mosaic

After all the snow storms, freezing rain and frost quakes we are now having a thaw.  The downspouts are pouring with water and the sidewalks are a skating rink.   I wandered out to the pond this morning to see if there were bubbles in the water showing that the hole was open.  To this point the little greenhouse we have coving the opening has been covered in snow and we had no idea if the ice had frozen over or not. 

While I was out there I took some pictures.  The little garden boy statue was completely covered over last week but he is only waist deep today.

I am joining Mary for Mosaic Monday.   Hope you all are staying well.




podso said…
Pretty winter mosaic. I think I have your little boy's brother in my garden. The face and cap look alike and my guy is holding an open book. I sort of sentimentally got him when our youngest son left for college. :-)
The thaw has decreased the amount of snow:) and the ice is melting on the front walk:), but the water is collecting at the bottom of the driveway. Yah winter. Have a great week.
eileeninmd said…
What a cute statue, love your pretty winter scene! I hope you warm up soon! Have a happy week ahead!
The crazy roller coaster weather continues into winter!
Attended the MG TU yesterday, speakers were pretty good.
Lisa Gordon said…
You've sure made winter look beautiful Valerie!
This is a great mosaic.
EG CameraGirl said…
I like the softness of the colours in this mosaic, Valerie! Nice one!
Country Gal said…
Lovely photos ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !
Glenda/MidSouth said…
Wow - It does look cold there. Love the mosaic. I always enjoy seeing the snow/Winter pics, but I can't tolerate the cold. We have had warmer temps, but "they' are predicting more cold in the future.
Have a great week.
Pondside said…
You are having a winter for the record books!
I like your little garden boy. He doesn't look at all disturbed by the receding snowline.
Pamela Gordon said…
Valerie, your mosaic is beautiful. I love the soft colours of each photo.
Such a beautiful mosaic Valerie - love the starkness and that statue is gorgeous!
Lovely to meet up again at Mosaic Monday!
Poppy said…
The muted hues of russet and wheat in your lovely winter mosaic are peaceful and pretty, amid the cold textures of the season. Lovely!

Jill Harrison said…
it certainly has been cold frosty thick-snow weather you have been having while we swelter over here. I am glad to see the little boy statue has finally got his head above the snow. Beautiful images as always. Stay warm and have a great week.
Diana Taylor said…
Lovely mosaic - the lighting is beautiful - what a lovely glow to you photos.
Nancy Claeys said…
I've heard there has been flooding in parts of the NE where snow is now melting. These are lovely captures of the thaw Valerie. :)
So so lovely, just beautiful!
Vee said…
Something of beauty yet in the garden! It sure goes through a lot in a winter season. We're having rain today. I sure wish that it were snow instead.
Ida said…
Great Mosaic. Loving the little garden boy shot.

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