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Painterly for Photo Art Friday

Bonnie asked us to do a painterly photo for this week.  I took a photo of the chairs by our pond with my lensbaby lens and the added a filter from Topaz Adjust 5 called painterly.  It kind of makes my eyes go funny like you are in front of those funny mirrors. I am joining Photo Art Friday at Pixel Dust Photo Art.   This is the first of July long weekend in Canada.  I heard on the news that all the Provincial Parks were all ready full.  Camping and fun with the kids is here.  Hubby and I will just sit down by the pond and pretend to be away.  Have a great weekend.

Red Poppy with Textures

I spotted a poppy in the garden that the petals had dropped leaving the centre open.   I thought I would use this for my textured photo today.  I used one layer of Kim Klassen’s texture Letgo and then I found another texture from my files called bark.  I can’t remember who it belongs to but it may have come from Shadowhouse Creations.  I used a layer mask to remove some of the texture from the poppy. Joining Kim Klassen for Texture Tuesday. The theme this week was flowers.   Have a wonderful day.

Reading the Light Meter

Saturday morning early a group of members from the Newmarket Camera Club including me joined  professional photographer Ross Chevalier in Fairy Lake a lovely little park in the middle of Newmarket.  We were there to learn to properly read the light meter in our camera to get the best possible shot.  We learned about exposure compensation and how to read a gray card and how to see light and use it to our advantage when taking photos. It was a great morning and we came away feeling more confident when out and about taking great pictures.I am joining Mary for Mosaic Monday.   I hope you have a great week.

Vintage for Photo Art Friday

Hanging by the front door is a container of beautiful fuchsia.   I edited my photo in Lightroom and then added a preset called Aged to give me the vintage feel.   I finished up with a texture from Pixel Dust Photo Art called memories of Paris.  I am joining Bonnie for Photo Art Friday at Pixel Dust Photo Art.   Have a wonderful day.

Chippys Are Not Always Cute

Just look at this face.   Looks pretty cute doesn’t he?   Well,  I am having a little trouble with the chippy as he feels entitled to dig and bury in my flower containers.  Case in point!I was sent some Asiatic Lily bulbs by McFayden Seed.  The variety is called Patricia’s Pride and is a bi-coloured lily.   I planted them in a container as lily beetles are a problem with all lilies in the Sandbox.   I thought I could keep a closer eye on these in a container.  As you can see by the photo Chippy the Chipmunk thought that I created a sandbox for him to dig in.   He up righted one of the lily bulbs.   I put some stone on top of the soil thinking that would deter him from digging.Chippy was not to be deterred and he kept on digging holes.  I was afraid that I was going to loose the second bulb so I came up with another idea.This is the poor lily today with a wire cage around it.   No, Chippy has not stopped digging in the pot but he has not been able to get too close to the bulb.  Unfortu…

Negative Space for Photo Art Friday

The Coreopsis ‘sunburst’ are beginning to bloom in the Sandbox.  I love the bright yellow colour but I find like all yellow flowers they are hard to photograph for some reason.  I always think that I do not capture the colour that well.    I thought that these blooms contrasted nicely with the wood on the deck.  I kept them off to one side so there was space on the right.  You could add a little saying or a quote if you wanted to use the photo for a card.  I am joining Bonnie for Photo Art Friday.   Hope you have a wonderful day and weekend.

Black and White for Photo Art Friday

This photo was taken in the vegetable garden.  The tools had been left there after a day of getting the plants in the ground.   It just looked like a cute vignette.   I used the gradient map adjustment to make the photo black and white.   I added two layers of the texture from Pixel Dust called “nitty gritty”.   The frame came from Isobelle LaFrance.I am joining Bonnie for Photo Art Friday.   Have a wonderful weekend.

Quote for Texture Tuesday

I don’t have a favourite quote but I did find this one that I thought appropriate for today. Clematis ‘Dr. Ruppel’ is blooming out by our garden shed.  My husband’s uncle brought it to me a year ago and I am happy that it has bloomed so beautifully.  At a recent meeting of my Horticulture Society we had an excellent speaker who grows many clematis in her garden. She told us that we should give our clematis a fist full of Epsom Salts in the spring and again in July as they are classified as heavy feeders.  That means that they require fertilizing for optimum bloom.   I was out the door early the next morning to give all my clematis a feeding.  Roses will respond to Epsom salts as well.  Kim Klassen asked us to include a quote with our texture for this weeks Texture Tuesday.  After an initial edit of levels and a gaussian blur I added one of Kim’s textures called “magic” at 100% with Softlight as my blending mode.  I then added an action by CoffeeShop Blog called “berries n cream to mak…