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What Will I Wear



Shoe Mosaic 1-13

Next weekend is a baby shower for our daughter in law (she knows) and as usual I am obsessing about what to wear.  You see, I spend most of my time as a retiree in jeans and some old shirt for the most part.  Please don’t call the fashion police.  So, this morning it was raining outside and I went to the closet to see what I may find that will fit and is not too out of fashion.  I have stacks of shoe boxes in the closet.  I buy a pair of shoes for some wedding or other event and most of the time I never wear them again. I do have shoe issues though.  I love those stilettos that have a heel about 4inches high but I can not wear them. I have a bunion on my left foot that I could not even make fit down the vamp of the shoe.  It gets in the toe part and that is as far as it will go.  It will not bend for the rest of way.  I have found good success at payless as there shoes have a low vamp.  The shoes in the photo were expensive at the time I bought them.  I especially love the black and white polka dot ones. They are super comfortable but not the kind of thing you wear to the gym or the grocery store.  Where else do I go these days! Oh well, the shoes gave me a photo op to play with this morning.  I thank Pixeldustphotoart for the texture and French Kiss for the french script brush to pretty up one of the photos.

I am joining Mary for Mosaic Monday.   Have a great week.



Bernie H said…
Love your shoe shots. The black and white polka dotted shoes are my favourite as well.

I'm like you. I buy a great-looking expensive pair of shoes for a wedding or special event, and then never wear them again! I then feel sorry for the poor shoes, spending the rest of their lives hidden from view.
Pamela Gordon said…
You have some really pretty shoes and your mosaic is beautifully done. I would probably wear flats (which I see you have) because I can't wear anything over a 2 inch heal. I like your flats with the round silver decor. Very cute. Have fun at the shower.
Lorrie said…
I gave up wearing high heels some time ago. It's nice that they make such pretty flats, like the black ones with the round texture in your photos.
Enjoy the shower!
Nice collection of shoes. With old age I seems to picking flats a lot more:). Have a great week:) It's going to be wonderful at the shower!!!
Pondside said…
Pretty shoes - and heaven knows, I love shoes! Like you, I buy pretty ones for an occasion and then wear the same old black leather or brown leather Clark's.
Karen said…
Valerie, I know just what you mean about the bunion and not fitting into the shoe. Especially the newer high heel styles with the almost reverse curve in the toes...OUCH. I do like a high heel once in awhile though I rarely go too many places where I need a fancy shoe. I hope you have fun at the shower!
eileeninmd said…
They are all lovely! I love the bottom right pair. The shower sounds like fun, have a great time.
Heather Benton said…
Great styling, Valerie. No matter which ones you choose, you'll look fabulous as the new grandma!!
I love the polka dots...what fun! Happy Monday!
Shoes can be such fun and I like your choices!
Lori E said…
I am not much for shoes. I like comfort, not so much for my feet but for my back. Now a nice pair of boots makes my heart flutter.
I like how your backgrounds have dissolved in the photos. Is that the pixeldust?
Icy BC said…
Beautiful beautiful shoes!

I love your header..

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